A new door

A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push. ~Ludwig Wittgenstein  

(quote reblogged from For Much Deliberation)

Here we are in the new year and conveniently the door has opened to my new blog, fourth in a row.

It’s salmon/pink/peach, the colour we strove to choose for our guest bedroom too. (“Strived” is not the correct past tense form, WordPress tell me. Ms. Kovačič from the University would be appalled.)

More about me is, strangely enough, in About me.

This photo is typical of me for so many reasons that I’ve chosen it for my first post on my new blog. Let’s see:

A door I wouldn’t mind pulling. Chocolate shop in Koper, Slovenia.
  • Its lines are as far from parallel as possible. If all lines are parallel it means that you’re standing too still.
  • It’s a chocolate shop. That will always steal my glance.
  • It’s a door. I will acknowledge it and click, even if I don’t push or pull.
  • It’s got me in it. A glimpse of me in passing is quite enough for me to know what I look like. No close-ups or mirrors necessary.
  • It’s got a suitcase. I do tend to move from Italy to Slovenia and back regularly.
  • It’s got the (wrong) beer ad but I kept it in because there is a flower above it. It may be plastic but also may not. I’m sure there is some deep meaning to all that.
  • I’m taking the photo as if my camera had a peek hole. It doesn’t. It’s a point and shoot, not a peekaboo.

As for the quotation, I like it because it says that rather than push away you must pull towards you, chocolate, doors, people.

This afternoon I had a dream in which amore told me that it was my time to shine. I cannot promise that but I do aspire to leave a good taste in your mouth.

Always welcome and have a glorious year!


    1. Hey, Verne! Good to see you here. Hmm, I don’t mention no. 4 in the name of my blog… Maybe I should. But it’s the first Moving one. 🙂 It wasn’t much if any doubt about continuation. It’s the lifestyle now… Many happy returns!

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  1. Dear Manja,
    all the best for you for 2019. Health, love, joy and a lot of good friends that enjoy your wonderful nature. ..and in the case that you can’t push or pull for some reasons… ..I wish you many sliding doors! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    btw, a wonderful quote!

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  2. Of course it’s your time to shine! 🙂 And I’m happy to report that I knew those words meant chocolate – I can spot chocolate anywhere in any language!!! 😂
    I like your list, it indeed is a defining photo. But I’ll still be calling this color coral! (Read the comment in Day Two first)

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  3. Not only do you take great photos, but you weave words beautifully- “I do aspire to leave a good taste in your mouth”.

    I too really liked the opening quote but I confess I took it quite literally … meaning, when you get stuck into one way of thinking, it becomes a prison.
    I like your version better … pull towards you the things you want.

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    1. Oh, Joanne, thank you so much. I always enjoy your comments. You always have something to say. I like what you say too: it’s definitely a prison if you’re stuck in your ways. I think the magic is knowing where to push and where to pull. With one try.


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