Day two

It’s day two of my new blog, January and new year, and I feel they have been here forever. You too?

It’s been a fine start. We had two excellent sunset cocktail hours the last two days but I didn’t take any photos, just enjoyed it. Yesterday a small dog came over and bestia played with him for an hour, never mind that he was a male too. Doesn’t happen often. They were so happy and fun to observe.

I wish you many play dates this year, by yourself or in company.

This boy was spotted climbing on the statue of a miner in Velenje, Slovenia, last summer.


    1. Thanks, SMSW! Coral is a good word for it. We had such fun, amore and I, as we were trying to come up with the colour of our guest room which I tried to recreate on this blog. I came up with orange-peach-salmon-Siena, or in short: Tuscany. 😀

      Yes, I liked this boy too. Such an explorer. 🙂 And of course, you’d notice the helmet, so that he is safe and all is good. I wish you and your boys the same in this year. ❤

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