Set your worries down

2019 started with a series of cocktail sunsets as if to say “You see? With all this the world can’t be a bad place, can it?”

This seems to be a worldwide phenomenon, beautiful images keep coming from around the globe. For a few evenings I was a mute observer but then I grabbed my camera and ran to the beach.

That evening the sky was clear so it was not as dramatic but still awe-inspiring. Here are ten minutes of it in the right order for you to enjoy, even though it doesn’t even come close to being there.

2019, great work so far! One week has passed and I have posted every day. Not promising anything but it’s fun. I like my new blog.


I will not ask you questions at the end of posts to trick you into commenting. So when you do it on your own, it's that more appreciated. Thank you!

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