Lens-Artists PC: My travels before I arrived

“Shall I have some coffee and buy the highway toll sticker now or shall I continue until the next time I have to pee?” Bestia is wondering in the photo above. Here are some memories from where I travelled before I arrived.

I certainly believed that movement was one of the meanings of life even before I had Moving in my blog name. I was never a major traveller but I had my moments.

From before 2007, when I got my first digital camera, photo evidence is scarce, or better has remained in Slovenia.

We travelled as a family at least twice a year since I remember: in the summer for three weeks to Duba by the Croatian sea, and in the winter often to Italy or Austria to ski for a week.

The four of us made three memorable trips three years in a row: to London – my first time on the plane, to Paris by train and to Prague by car.

Even before, in 1991, I started getting around by myself. I spent two weeks in France with two friends. One photo survives:

So young and already Mexi.

After that there was Romania, twice, Los Angeles and San Francisco in 2005, the Peloponnese for two weeks and Crete for a month with my Peugeot 504, and Greek islands Corfu, Karpathos and Samos before I was bored with bleached film photos I kept bringing from Greece and got myself a digital Canon. All the photos in the gallery below but the last two were taken with it.

And now have a look at what had to pass so that I arrived, came from that to this, to life outside my country, to constant travel there and back. Luckily bestia knows his left turns from right and is only slightly upset that he is too short to step all the way down on the gas.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: My Travels


  1. Lovely shots of lovely travels – and I do love Bestia thoughts and adore the Michael Pallin story 😀 We had a gorgeous guide there who really made the best of the Globe!

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