Thursday Doors, 10/1/19: Ljubljana

From one capital to the other: last Thursday we were in Rome and now we shall visit Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was summer and this was a 2-hour stroll with an old friend.

Just earlier I saw Ljubljana in an Ostendnomad’s blog post where he calls it the city of love. I don’t know what he was up to over there but he might be right: You certainly love it once you get away.

Then I remember the long wait for the sun in the winter, mayor’s sucking up to tourists, and worst of all, the city’s often dissatisfied, nagging, condescending and discriminatory inhabitants and am content to see it in the pictures.

Hmmm, might have caught the nagging virus. Didn’t live there for 40+ years for nothing. Or is it just a cold?

Before we have a look at some of the doors in the city centre, a peculiar message on the wall next to the entrance to this home for the elderly which you can see above: “If you’re lucky, even a rooster will lay an egg for you.”

Here are some door eggs for you then.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. Love the rooster and the record shop too. I still can’t believe that hissing, scratchy-sounding vinyl is actually making a comeback.
    I overheard two hipster kids in a store talking about it a while ago and they were sayingthings like “Its sounds so much more organic man.”
    I just shut up but… 😀

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    1. Ahh, I forgot to reply to a bunch of comments, it seems. Doesn’t happen often to me. Sorry, Norm, and thanks for your comment as always.

      It’s only now, in Italy, that I own a record player, neither my family had one when I was growing up. I admit that it’s… cleansing, in a way. There is a record, both sides, and that’s it. I had CD’s and tapes before that, but records are really something else. If anything wishes to make a comeback, records are something I won’t complaint about.

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    1. Oh, Scooj, you haven’t seen anything yet! 😉 I admit that I only snapped at some street art here and there and didn’t do it systematically, but I have material for quite a few posts from Ljubljana… Will start one day.

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  2. The reflections captured in the first two photos are so interesting. I had to study them a bit to figure out the reflection vs the view through the glass.

    I love the gate with the heart cutouts. In fact it doesn’t really look like much of a gate that would stop a pedestrian. It looks like you could walk right through the gaps.

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    1. Thanks, Joanne. Oh, the gaps are not nearly wide enough to walk through. Have another look at the first photo of the gate that gives perspective. The last photo of it I took through the gap is such a way that seems like the gate is gone.


      1. Heheh, of course you can! It’s a rather big city, around 300.000 people. And I haven’t strolled around at all much with my camera, a few strolls each year. Also, it changes all the time. Turning into an amusement park… Ah well. I recommend late spring.

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