These two are friendlier than the fellow yesterday.

This is to honour my friend The Snow Melts Somewhere and her new photo challenge Friendly Friday that was unleashed yesterday. It’s a joint effort by her and Amanda who will take over next Friday. If you haven’t yet, see my yesterday’s post for details.

When I opened my laptop yesterday morning, these two greeted me (it’s a randomly generated photo by someone else) and I thought immediately of her who melts the snow and her love of penguins, and sure enough a few hours later she posted her two penguins for the first round of the new challenge on the theme of inspiration.

When I turned it on later, there they were again and I thought to take a photo.

I love it when such a thing happens.


  1. Sometimes these things do happen – like you think of someone and then straight after it, you run into them! I’m happy penguins make you think of me 🙂 I’ve also had people say to me beaches and sunny weather makes them think of me, hahahah! I wonder why… 😉 (Looks like my weather complaints haven’t gone unnoticed!!) 😀
    Thanks Manja for writing these fun words and for the adorable pic! xxx

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  2. I literally just clicked the follow button by The Snow Melts Somewhere! 😂 What a double coincidence for me. 😄
    And what a lovely picture of the penguins you both shared in your posts – I totally love penguins, they’re just irresistible!

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