Pic and a Word Challenge #169: The sea is coming

The sea is coming
Rapidly or not at all.
Our house is not a beach house.
It’s 2 km away
and I can see the sea from the roof.
So is this a sea snail 
exploring inland,
or has a land snail snatched
an empty shell
to appear more fancy
to the opposite gender?
Do snails do that?
As I looked out 
and see it perched there
I could see the future.
The sea will be here
and we shall all be wearing
shell corsets
and smell of fish.
The sea is coming.
Rapidly or not?
Ask the shell.
The shell will tell:
It’s only just begun.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #169: Rapid


    1. Well, Bojana, the view only comes if you climb on the roof. Our ground floor looks away from the sea. And it’s not a house, it’s one of the compartments in the condominium with summer holiday homes. Built for summer means that in the winter humidity wins. What’s really dreamy for me is that there is NOBODY.

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  1. From one of our back windows we can see, during part of the year, a small lake. I tell folks we have a lake view property. 😀
    Great composition, words & images. 🙂

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  2. Love it! I can imagine sipping my ice lemon tea on the balcony, feet propped up on some ridiculously fluffy cushions, with sea salt perfuming the air and chatting to my blogger friends about the sweet life! 😊

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    1. Thanks, Jolene. 🙂 Well… I’m never on my balcony blogging because it’s too much light and I can’t see on my screen 😀 But I can lie down and read because my reader is electronic ink. 😉 Just not right now because it’s not that much above freezing. When the sea will be coming, I’ll see…

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