Happy Monday!

Especially to my friend Tili who celebrates big today. We were apart for years but this summer got closer again. As did our dogs. How lovely.

But first, for everybody who might not celebrate the fact that it’s Monday, a girl who goes well with the fellow from Friday. The two photos, of him and her, were taken on a Friday and a Monday last July with only the weekend in between and this difference: I got her in Piran by the sea, that’s why she is smiling.

Happy Mooooonday!

And now a look back at two other days in July which we spent together again after years of drought: first at the lunch and stroll around Ljubljana, and a couple of days later at your home, since you invited us, bestia included to meet your bestia, Manči – which is how my mother sometimes calls me too (pronounced Munchie) – and your amore. And we all got along just great.

Soon after you ran to New Zealand and the last I heard from you you said that it was glorious. And yes, you added, esteemed and concerned readership of my blog will be pleased to hear: the upstairs neighbour fixed that balcony.

Here are some glimpses from these two occasions. Thank you for bringing us together again. Now only the sky is the limit. You know what you like to say: U životu sve se čejndž. Everything changes in life.

Happy birthday, Tili, but all the other days just as much!


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