All well to M&M

I’ve got a thing about the letter M. There is one in my name, two in my surname, three in my blog name, and I like to surround myself with M people (no surprise, amore is one too). Today celebrate two of them. For them and all of you some secret Slovenian spots.

Not a year goes by that I don’t pay attention to January the 16th. It’s such a good date. People born on this day get a year older exactly four months ahead of me. I know two who were born the same year as me.

First, it’s the birthday of my best primary school friend. The last time I saw her she took this photo from the door of my parents’ place where she so often rang the bell to inquire: “Is Manja hoooome?”:

Happy birthday, Mateja, and thank you for the cream you left for me hanging outside this same door. You made it yourself and told me that it would ease my tendon problems, adding – and this says so much about your character: “If it doesn’t, at least the skin on your heel will get nice and smooth.”

For you some images from the place I bet you recognise. It’s Lake Zbilje, an artificial lake about 15 km from Ljubljana, but one could never tell it’s not natural. You have a little hut there and your family often took me there with you. We explored, hung in the hammock and generally had a grand time. Yes, also that day when we fell in the lake. Both of us: first one and then the other.

I took amore there twice already but never with you. We must fix this soon.

And now, my other M friend: first of all thank you for the lovely breakfast and for letting me boast and brag showing this lovely door, considering it’s yours. It’s one of the prettiest I’ve ever photographed and the lord of the blogging world knows I do that a lot:

It was a murky day but you, your quite new and amazingly cool daughter, your lovely husband, place and food more than made up for it. (There was a cat too.) Your life has taken you places, you must have one of the most demanding jobs on this planet, but you remain that jolly, funny and bright girl I came to know when we studied together.

Happy birthday, Mihela, and I wish you much health, love and joy with your family. Here are some other photos from your Dolenjska region that without you I wouldn’t have taken: the view from your balcony and from the town Žužemberk near you which I visited despite threatening rain that kindly waited for me to reach home.

(I recommend clicking on the first photo below and viewing them in the gallery. They grow.)


    1. Thank you, Bojana. I like them too, especially here in Italy. Here are three posts from the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome (must see if you go!) and a little one in Orbetello that you might not have seen yet:

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  1. Aw, that’s so nice! The photos are fabulous, of course. Love the pink door and you and puppy at the steps.
    My Moo is M.M.M. My son is M.A.M. and when were expecting Moo, I said to The Mister, I wanted another MM name, as I like the consonance of his. Two names in, we had the Moo’s names all squared away. The very day we discovered her. Course, she coulda been a Jacob Francis, but nah, she’s a MMM.
    One of my friends told me I’d regret that triple M thing. I said, Like Marilyn Monroe, Micky Mantle, Michael Moore, Mickey Mouse, MARY MAGDALENE? LOL

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