Thursday Doors, 17/1/19: Žužemberk Castle

Hello and welcome to another edition of Thursday Doors in which it’s not so much about the doors but about the experience. We are on a visit to the south of Slovenia and one of its numerous castles.

I visited Žužemberk in the last days of my summer stay back in Slovenia – where I’m from – after the lovely breakfast with my friend who celebrated yesterday. The day was not all that but I decided to drive for a bit and this is where the road took me.

The castle is right next to the main road, all open and accessible, free to enter with minimum visitors (whereas in Italy it would be 15 eur), and yet nicely organised with plenty to see and explore.

Follow me along and read the captions for more info, say on lynx. There will be witches, as for doors, there are some but sometimes there are just holes in walls, leaving us to draw in our own doors.

And finally, a shout-out to my blogging buddy Crystal who has caught the door virus form my posts. Yeah! That’s why we do what we do. Have a look at the beauties she found in Providence. Thank you so much!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. This place is too. much. fun!!! I would have looked through the little window too. The grounds make me think of a child’s imagination, over and over. I would have spent hours there if I could. Thanks for the shout out, my effervescent friend.

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    1. Great, Crystal, so it wasn’t just my feeling about this place. And I see you’re linking your doors to Norm’s Doors, excellent! They deserve to be seen. You’re always welcome! “Effervescent” I’m quite sure I have never used in a sentence. 😀 It’s a great word, thanks!

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