Friendly Friday pathways

For the second edition of Friendly Friday photo challenge, the first with Amanda at the wheel, I will take you along some paths that are not here for me to walk on. They have remained in other countries. A price to pay when you follow love.

I’m sure Amanda will not mind if I use the logo of her co-host Snow Melts Somewhere who is currently busy melting snow. It goes so well with my background.

Come on and join us! This week’s theme is Pathways and all you have to do is find a nice photo or 15 of a favourite path or lake or woods or sea and make your own post.

Now you will get all these and more as I look back and remember walks and paths that still are, just that I’m a bit far. They are divided into five trios:

  1. Three walks that I did with our first dog Žak.
  2. Three scenes from around Tivoli Park in Ljubljana. The last time I was there was with sister in October.
  3. Three looks back to the last mountain I conquered, Stol in Slovenia in 2009.
  4. Three memories from our once regular August seaside village Duba in Pelješac, Croatia.
  5. Three views from around my parents’ house where I still walk bestia whenever I return.

Of course, I might not have all that but I have amore. And Tuscany. Win win. Plus, I can always return, even though there is no sun when I do.

Welcome and find more info in the captions. And now go and have a friendly weekend.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About


  1. Hehehe, you are so funny. Here I am, sitting cross-leggedly, zenly concentrating on melting snow… then when it starts happening, I press “express” mode… zzzz whiff it’s suddenly spring! Well, lets see how it turns out! 😀
    That first photo of you in a yellow raincoat with your first little cutie-beast, that photo is a winner. The colors, composition and poses are perfect!!!
    The photo of you and your sister walking past doors to the beach makes me think, I never asked you, do you love beaches (like me)? I know you love swimming!! But what about the beach itself, do you like to hang out there or go straight home after your swim?
    Happy weekend! Lets go conquer some more mountains! 🙂 Friendly ones!

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    1. Hihhih, SMSW, I’m glad I made you laugh. ❤ I hope my friend sees that you like the photo he took. As for your question: Hanging out? Liking beaches? Hm…. is this a trick question? I don't get people who don't like beaches. What's not to like? As for hanging out, I used to sleep on beaches. I used to walk on beaches. I used to live on beaches! It's just that I prefer there is nobody around for miles and miles and miles. 😀 Here's to friendly mountains and beaches and melting snow. PS: Amore tells me there are 42 degrees C in Australia right now. A record!

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  2. My daughter is working on a new one and funnily enough, she chose colours that are similar to Snow’s logo!! You will see it next time I host Friendly Friday! But now to your photos, and what a feast my eyes had when they rested upon your selections! Of course, the woods and the snowy one drew my attention but also that mountain! Wow! How long did the hike up there take you? I am impressed! The view is magnificent!

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    1. Thank you, Amanda. I love to give good eye feast! Stol is quite a tall mountain, 2,236 m. But you can park at about 1,000 m and proceed from there. How long? Hm… let me check the time on the photos. 🙂 We started before 8 am, reached the peak at 12.40 and returned to the car between 3 and 4 pm. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be able to do that now.

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      1. I am impressed, Manja! That is an intense walk! We don’t have anything like that scale here. Very low mountains compared to Europe. Can you walk up there all year around? I assume with a mountain of that height it would be covered in snow in winter?

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      2. Oh, unless you’re a pro I wouldn’t recommend visiting it in winter, or any other high mountain. But we have lots of little hills too. 🙂 Walking in snow is so much harder. I once climbed Snežnik at 1,800 m in snow. It was glorious but I was wet up to my knees.

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      1. Mexi, I found some nice woods not too far from where Ilive. Its on my list of things to do a blog on. I have a very long list though, and not enough time! If you find yours though, put them up for everyone to see please

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  3. Someday I hope to get my act together and join this new photo challenge. “Pathways” would certainly have been a good prompt for this hiking fool, but alas, I have too much else going on to dig out old photos.
    (By the way, I love your verbiage by the Comment section; I always find it a bit annoying when there’s a question begging me to answer in the Comments!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to hear, Lexi, join up whenever you can. I’m glad that you spotted this bit about comments. It’s something that really annoys me on many blogs. The part that annoys me the most is that I buy it! And really comment just because they ask me a question!! Like in some blogging school. You do what you must do and when you’re able to post again, we’ll be here.

      Liked by 1 person

I will not ask you questions at the end of posts to trick you into commenting. So when you do it on your own, it's that more appreciated. Thank you!

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