Pic and a Word Challenge #170: New blanket

New blanket
It starts in March.
Its yellows and greens
with the fluffiest ornaments
where all was hard before
are a balsam to the eye.
Sometimes it carries wildlife,
beasts as much as wild-flowers,
bunches sticking out
like unruly wool.
It would be the best time for visit
with one small error or nature:
By that time
flamingos are already gone.

The photos below were taken in late March and the first half of April last year right over here. This blog has been a bit Slovenia heavy and Tuscany light and it’s time to amend that.

As for flamingos, they are here alright. I’ll show them sooner or later. But for now, the green and yellow blanket of spring that covers everything with hope, we await you.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #170: Blanket


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