Something pink

Since yesterday I brought them up, here they are. Something pink this way comes.

Amanda and some other bloggers discuss what it means to be in luck and how to bring it about, luck.

Some would call this winning the lottery, I call it grocery shopping.

ADD-IT: I should explain that this is not just a hyperbole or what not, but that there really is a Coop right next to the lagoon where I buy my groceries. For Valentine’s Day they organise flamingo-mating dance viewing from the roof. Truth!

This is one minute in the life of little Manja and her pinkish flamingos by the Orbetello lagoon. These four photos were taken back to back. Something startled them and I was thinking they could smell bestia but we were really far.

I was also hoping some of them would take off but alas in two minutes they went back to chilling, which is what they do here until the end of February or so when they take off for good until the next winter, as I mention in my yesterday’s poem.

The last photo shows you how far they really are. Just as well. This is a nature reserve, after all. It is us who are visiting.


    1. Indeed, Leya, thank you! I heard before coming here that they were in Sardegna too. I should study a bit where they come from, but obviously this is their winter resort. They come every year in the autumn. There are many and make a peculiar sound before dusk.


  1. An incredible sight. I love the way you captured their heads popping up in unison, when they spotted you or something that caught their attention. I never knew you had such gorgeous birds in Italy. Thanks for educating me.

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  2. I remember the first and I think only time I ever saw flamingos, in Florida in 1963 or so. I was very young and astonished at the sight but accepting as little kids are. Well, your photos prove they are magic after all!

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    1. Good to see you here, Lexi, I was thinking of you just yesterday. I hope this year has been kind to you so far. Well, this shop is 15 min drive away, but we go there once a week. It’s quite enough. Around here it’s just beautiful, everywhere you look.

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  3. I agree with Lex, if this was the sight from my grocery store, I would certainly be inspired to go more often, even though it is one task in life I can’t stand. Your photos are beautiful, and I am especially impressed when you gave us the perspective shot at the end. All that while in mega-zoom!

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    1. True, the zoom reached the limit right where they stood. They are quite far and yet you can hear them make a collective sound as the dusk nears. It’s amazing… Thank you, Crystal. I took many photos of them in the five winters since I arrived here but this time the light and visibility were best. Also, I only go there once a week even though it’s only 15 minutes away. Once you live here you are spoilt for life.

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    1. Hihihi, Sara, but it’s true! At least some years ago I saw it advertised. This must be the best-positioned Coop in the world, right next to the lagoon teeming with flamingos. But I didn’t go to this event, sounds a bit… impolite. 😀 Welcome to my new blog!

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    1. Indeed, Joanne, thanks. My zoom is nothing special, compared to what there is nowadays. (I must check: 34x.) So I suppose most photographers are able to take better photos. Still, I’m good this way. From up close they stop being so pretty. 😀

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