Friendly coral Friday

Right now I shall commit a coralish overkill: framed by my already coral background, here is an overview of colours that could be classified as coral in one of the parallel worlds. Because Snow asks for it for her Friendly Friday photo challenge.

I laughed when after starting this new blog Snow Melts Somewhere informed me that my background colour is called living coral and told me how trendy it is this year. I chose it after our guest room wall which amore painted himself and he suggested the colour too. A proper trendsetting couple.

Once he was finished with the guest room he did the bathroom with more white paint added, so we have two shades of it. I could use this tool to help identify it:

But instead I’d called it peach/salmon/Tuscany before Snow informed me of its name.

I didn’t look around to spot it around me now, these 20 are from my archives, both from Italy and Slovenia. There are so many examples, but none from Siena, even though the colour sienna is not so far removed.

It seems that I live and breathe this colour. And now I do it on my blog too. Let’s see how it all blends.

This has been Friendly Friday. Let’s keep it this way. And – let’s keep corals living.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere

Oh, and I almost forgot: Snow’s pretty logo for the challenge!


  1. Your captions are so funny…..pasta curtain! 😀 I am so happy you included the elephant. He’s a cutie. Just when I was thinking ‘what a strange place for a liquor cabinet–right on the street’–I noticed the lock. Good thinking…

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  2. You really tricked me, Manja. I started looking at the ‘pasta’ – lol. Yo have collected some excellent examples of colour variations and humorous captions! Well done. From the pink elephant to those walls in so many places. What a moment capturing the matching street fashion and the wall!! I don’t think I have any coral photos! I think your eye is attracted to finding them!

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    1. Of Amanda, I’m stretching the concept of coral quite a bit myself. Snow allowed us to do it, it’s alright. 🙂 But I saw that you posted something too, haven’t looked at it yet. I think the truth is only that I have soooo many photos that I can find lots of any colour in them. 😉 Thank you!


  3. Love the color of your guest room – funny how I never thought this color was representative of Tuscany. I think of rolling hills and would have said Tuscany was a green shade! But I’ve actually never been there, unless Firenze counts.
    Anyway, of course the pink elephant had to be included and your supermarket’s pet flamingoes!!! 🙂
    So, so beautiful! Thanks for coralling my weekend!!! 🙂
    Ps. Burnt sienna is so lovely too, maybe I’ll do that color as a prompt some other time!!!

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    1. Hehe if you do choose burnt sienna, I’ll be able to post all of these again. 😉 I’m glad you’re pleased with my coralling, SMSW. But sure Firenze counts, it’s the capital of Tuscany! I’d say this colour is everywhere in Italy, not just here. There’s surely plenty of it in Rome. However, after I posted I had a glimpse of others and saw that they posted much stronger colours in their photos! As did you! I think mine are just baby corals in comparison! 😀

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