Happy birthday, Liz!

There is a birthday girl on the other side of the Atlantic who I wish to hug with this post.

As it happens more often than not, internet connects people. And then steps are made and things happen, if you let it.

Things happen also if you don’t let it and they hurt but if we are lucky, and sometimes life is just luck, it goes on.

Liz, who blogs at Fetching the World with beautiful images of natural and urban environment, especially birds, was the first blogger I met in real life and we got to spend two wonderful days together in June 2017, the first one in Rome, which I showed you on my second blog and more is coming today, and the second one in Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio, which I showed you on my third blog.

We had known each other online for quite a while but not much more than that and had never spoken on cam, for example, before amore and I picked her and her two West Coast friends in front of their hotel in Rome and we took off on our adventures with amore as a natural born Romano leading the way.

We got along just splendidly and met again a few days later – without amore who had to work, but with bestia instead – and gorged on amore’s handmade tiramisu in a particularly lovely setting of Civita di Bagnoregio (I saw a recent photo of it yesterday and it was covered with snow!).

I know that it’s just a question of time when we meet for the third time and have you here with us for some time as agreed but not carried out yet. All in its sweet time.

Here is our day one, with special emphasis on street art which followed us throughout. For those who like comparisons, here is how Liz captured the same day.

Without you none of these photos would exist.

Happy birthday, Liz, and much love, health and new adventures!


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