Thursday Doors, 7/2/19: Ljubljana centre

Since tomorrow is Slovenia’s National Day of Culture, here is a stroll through the capital’s capital and some of its doors, including the President’s.

Ljubljana has several parts that could be called its centre: the pedestrian zone around Prešeren Square and the Triple Bridge, the old Ljubljana and its three squares, but today let me show you the administrative centre with Cankarjev dom, the home of culture where tonight the national cultural awards will be presented. They are named after France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet, who died on February 8th 1849.

So typical of Slovenians to celebrate death.

It was a glorious October day. I took all my sisters with me (that is one) and we walked along Gradišče, Igriška St., Erjavčeva St. and past numerous embassies on the Prešernova St. (yes, again named after the Prešeren guy). Here is where today’s post ends but we continued to Tivoli Park and one day I’ll show you the marvellous paintings that were on display along the promenade.

But today some doors and other stuff that a casual visitor who sticks to tourist zones might never see. More info in the captions. If you don’t read them you won’t know. If you read them, you still might not know that but something completely other.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. Thanks, Gavin, I love your comments under that couple of dodgy doors. Should have said “insecurity” for real. 😀 As for wondering what’s behind them, I never do that, strangely enough. It’s like I can’t imagine what people are thinking or saying. It’s why I can’t invent.

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  1. My favourite photo is the one you labelled ‘a bit of this, a bit of that’. I think you show those doors again straight-on in another photo, but I really like the angle of this one, especially with that unusual lamp post. The angle of this photo also really highlights those statue things on top of the columns flanking the doors.

    My first thought when I saw the last photo for the Pole Dancing Studio was … that’s an awfully short pole 😆

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