February 2018

Here is my monthly reminder of what was happening this time last year in 20 pictures.

In my Calendar 2018 in the making (only January so far), February can boast some photos from Rome but the majority were taken by the Orbetello lagoon where I spent a long and eventful day spying on the flamingos and generally enjoying the nature.

And before the month was done, I was gifted the first morning of snow since I moved here almost six years ago. It was quite something to see the familiar cacti, orange trees and the beach covered with snow. Geese were protesting especially loudly. Alas, by 1 pm it mostly melted. We will see if there is some this year.

An update on the sports situation. Not only Luka Dončić and his Dallas Mavericks won the only NBA game that I have watched in full this season for one point after he went crazy in the last quarter, Slovenia also landed two medals at the Ski World Championship: after Ilka Štuhec won the downhill title for women yesterday, today Štefan Hadalin added his silver medal in the combined.

For the nation of about 2 million, Slovenians surely get around.

And the Sanremo festival, you ask? My favourite came 6th and the winner is Mahmood with the song called Soldi (“Money”). I don’t care either way but so many people are crazy about it and threaten he will win the Eurovision Song Contest next. Mhhh.

For now, this is how February looks around here.


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