Friendly Friday Contrasts

For today’s Friendly Friday photo challenge the host Amanda invites us to come up with contrasts. In a way I never do anything else.

How my camera looks around, I now see, is by searching contrasts, points of interest, irregularities, splendour. Even if the things themselves are not pretty, they become so in contrast.

I’ve come up with these ten examples, each of which is represented by two photos, by quickly going through all my photos taken this year.

My contrasts are gentle but still telling. You just have to look closely. Let’s go.

  • Curiosity 1: This year I’ve taken 538 photos.
  • Curiosity 2: The recipe and the image of the biscuits in question as they should be are here.
  • Curiosity 3: Doing this I was reminded of a post on opposites in Rome from some time ago.
Friendly Friday

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About


  1. Love the curiosity points at the end of the part and that you used the logo! Thanks so much. I also liked that you linked the other posts for Friendly Friday too. Your photos are fantastic and the captions witty which makes the post so unique and interesting. The lichens on the street sign are unusual but the little teddy bear was my absolute favorite. And the cookies still very tempting to me.
    Are you ever without your camera?

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    1. Ohh, only now I read your comment carefully after I fixed the link! I thought I made a mistake and entered a wrong link and now fixed it so that my post leads to your yesterday’s post, but now I see that you liked it how it was! Well, I’ll leave it this way for now.

      Thank you for your nice words, Amanda. I’m glad you approve. 🙂 Mostly I have my camera with me at all times except if it’s raining or when I go to a concert, for example. I like to enjoy it not record it.


      1. I’m not an expert, I have no idea. Something with some non-auto functions and a bit better zoom. I’m not picky. A photographer I respect said that any camera made in the last five years will do the job. 😀


  2. The birds on a wire made me think of the Leonard Cohen song, my favourite version sung by Jennifer Warnes. Then you showed the nest with the bottle in it – and it all fell into place. Lovely contrasts, M.

    “Like a bird on the wire
    Like a drunk in a midnight choir
    I have tried in my way to be free”

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