And how was your weekend?

Mine started with the first bee, continued with the selection of the Slovenian Eurovision Song Contest entry, and finished with my first Italian carnevale in Orbetello.

A rare post on current affairs. I had a fun-filled weekend.

I saw the first bee this year on a rosemary bush.

On Saturday night the people of Slovenia chose the Slovenian entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. It is the work of two people in love and nobody else, and it shows.

The translation (not mine) of the lyrics is here. She is singing “When your burden is heavy / You can take refuge in me” while they are holding hands, and it’s just out of this world. And in the chorus she says “The stars are not always visible / Stay true to yourself”. Not a bad massage at all.

Have a listen, Europe and the world.

And finally, on Sunday we went to nearby Orbetello, yes, the one with the flamingo lagoon, and I witnessed my first Italian carnival. I have never been either to Venice or Viareggio or any other place with the big procession, so I was very happy with this little one. It is called the Carnevaletto da Tre Soldi and this year it celebrated its 50th edition. Despite the three coins in the name, it cost us four Euro apiece.

We didn’t even stay until the end because bestia was not very happy with the noises and loud music. Amore did his best to keep him safe from all the harm, so that I could take photos and have my first gelato. The vibe was very happy, there were plenty of masked children and some adults too, and I was reminded once again why I love Italians. They love life.

We shall return here one day, today just a few glimpses.

This is better, bestia masked in the peace of our home. He is thinking of raising the price of oil again.


  1. Poor Bestia. In spite of wanting to enjoy the fun, I would be unnerved by all the noise and people too.
    … but it looks like fun. A lot of imagination in the costumes and floats. Poor kid with the collar and leash, but I do love the mom’s boots though!

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    1. Thanks, SMSW, it was quite a thought-provoking display. And that cow girl was having a great time as we left. How about the Eurovision song, did you listen to it? Nobody said anything about it… either nobody likes it and they are polite or just haven’t given it a listen.

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  2. “He is thinking of raising the price of oil again.” BWAHAHAHA!
    Facebook is for Scrabble, don’t the others know?
    This post makes me almost miss warm weather. I would so like to be out and about! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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