Lens-Artists PC: Nature in the city

Since nature is such a broad notion and since I live in the middle of it and post scenes from it regularly, today I wish to show you nature as captured in the Botanical Garden in the middle of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Slovenia has had tourism slogans such as On the sunny side of the Alps (cheeky!) and The Green Piece of Europe (cheekier!) but all this is nothing if not true.

Last August was hot and sister took me to the company of trees and plants in the Ljubljana Botanical Garden, which I don’t recall visiting yet. It is old: it has been running constantly in the same location since 1810, if you can imagine.

There is no entry fee, which surprised me a great deal. In Rome it would have been 15 Euro. Only the tropical glasshouse within has a small price to enter. Photos from there will come another time, today we keep outdoors.

When the taxi driver learned where we wished to go, he asked: “And what is there?” Hm… Plants… trees… you know, nature. Then he further complicated matters by making a completely wrong turn and when we finally led him there, he had to admit that we were right.

By his question he might have meant whether we were going to a wedding, since we soon saw at least one of them unfold inside the garden.

But no. We came for the trees.

Let’s follow my sister, shall we. I won’t interrupt the calm with much chitchat today (also because I don’t know any of the species by name). Suffice to say, I got to hug a tree.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti of pilotfishblog.com: Nature


    1. Ahhh, Leya, no sister? What about a brother? Luckily now you have plenty of blogging sisters and brothers on here. 🙂 I have no aunt though, and only one cousin that I never see. Thank you, it was a glorious day.


    1. Ohh, Joey, do you mean generally speaking, my ex home city? Because these are all in the botanical garden in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 🙂 Every tree, or almost every, has a little plaque with the info, but I wasn’t really there to read. There are many different trees there, some very old indeed. A marvellous spot.

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      1. I don’t know where all I want to go there, but I want to go there, to Ljub… yeah. We will be crooked and white-headed by then, but we’ll talk about it when the time nears 😉

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  1. Botanical gardens are my most favourite places to visit. If you ever come to Montreal (doesn’t Norm live there or nearby?), you must visit the Montreal Botanical Garden. As a fellow tree hugger, you’d love it!

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