Thursday Doors, 21/2/19: Orvieto

If you only have Norm’s side of the story, there were nothing but him, grand doors and enablers in Orvieto. Including bestia. My side confirms all this but adds an extra dimension that you always get when you see two sets of photo evidence from the same day.

This was only our first afternoon together and the first town we visited and yet we had such a great time already. Is this allowed?

While over there at Norm’s, the man behind Thursday Doors, you have been able to follow our Orvieto afternoon doorscursion on three consecutive Thursdays, here are some of my doors in one post. As I’ve told Norm: he might have better door photos, but I’ve got something better – him in action. Let’s have a look.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. Thank you, Ishita! Good to see you around! I remember my first time, I was so surprised! I was expecting something much more modern, hahah. I was fetching a friend off the train station, and didn’t know anything about the town yet. That it was on the hill, and the station down below, for example. 😀 It was a total shock but in a good way.


  1. I recognized Banana Joe in Norm’s shirt pocket right away in the first photo!

    You are right though. Two bloggers together capture the same scene in different ways. I like your version of photographing the photographer 🙂
    My favourite is the photo taken in the dark lane with that solitary spotlight of sunshine on Norm. GREAT image. I love it!

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      1. From our Innkeeper in Rome we learned there was actually a series of Italian comedy films with a character named Banana Joe.
        We had no idea what he was talking about until we looked it up 😀

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  2. I can tell you know your way around, and I love you show some of the “feel” of these places! I miss it, since we’re also having snow and power outages!

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      1. Looked at your images again, and if I didn’t know the background story, I would have wondered if this photographer in almost all of your pics was a relative:):) Greatly caught!

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  3. Ahh more good memories of that wonderful day. My favorite shot is the one of Louise and I sitting on the bench outside the wine store with Fonsie.
    Now I just regret not including more people in my shots. I guess we’ll have to go back and try again another time 😉

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    1. Thanks, Norm. Everything is a good reason to return, even the lack of people in one’s shots. 😀 But no, it’s just how you do it. We all do it differently. It was a joy to take photos of you two because you were happy and it showed.


  4. Great to see two sides of the lens 😉 I love Banana Joe now, he’s one of my favorite peeps because of Norm.
    That cathedral is amazing every time I see it, and yes, I can see it from the scenic overlook 🙂 All white and God-pointy as a church should be.

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  5. WordPress had mysteriously unsubscribed me from following your blog so I am behind! I notice that my reaction to your photos of Italian sunshine is different when its winter here – they look so much more appealing!!

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    1. Thank you, Emma, good to see you again! Oh, did you subscribe to this new one yet? If you haven’t done it this year then you weren’t unsubscribed, I simply started a new one. Plenty of catching up, since I’ve posted every day this year. 😉 More Italian sunshine coming up sooner or later.

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    1. Hehe, Jean, you mean on the first photo by the table? 😀 This was really the first photo taken from these. First we had lunch and then strolled around, or Italians would close all the lunch places. Thank you, we had a most excellent time.


      1. I’m always glad to visit. I love your posts. Your enthusiasm for life always shines through and I want people like you in my life.

        I haven’t been able to get myself into a good blogging schedule and find that I’m away from WP so long sometimes. I’ve got friends who post every. single. day!!! (ahem, no names of course) and then I just miss out on a ton of stuff. But when I can, I pop back in and review some of the latest.

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