Happy birthday, Duša!

Today celebrates mother’s cousin and since I only have one cousin who I rarely see and no aunt, she has been all in one for me.

First, Edoardo Bennato really wishes to wish you Buon compleanno, bambina (with lyrics here):

This time I’m not going to show your amazing paintings that you have gifted me so generously (for that see my last year’s post) but rather revisit some of the together moments of the last few years, starting with the next generation.

We need to make more memories. Here’s to the thought. Cin cin!

And finally, here are your past birthday posts on my previous blogs as a reminder:

  • 2015: With your photos from your first (and only!) visit. We must amend this.
  • 2016: With the favourite Sanremo song from that year and some of your presents.
  • 2017: With your and my photos from our lovely trip to the “Slovenian Tuscany” and another Italian song with hand gestures.
  • 2018: With your beautiful paintings and home.

Dear Duša, happy birthday, vse najboljše, tanti auguri, in allen Sprachen der Welt!


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