Thursday Doors, 28/2/19: Libourne and Bordeaux

All today’s photos are courtesy of my sister from her weekend in Libourne near Bordeaux in France. I think everybody here would like to get this message: “I’m strolling around, taking photos of doors.”

Merci beaucoup, sis, they are so pretty! Clearly not Italian, similar in a dissimilar way. There are also some oddballs. The large majority are from Libourne, only a handful are from Bordeaux.

And at the end there is another little gallery of certain things with doors that I loooove. If you judge only by my car preference, I’m in the wrong country.

And the promised little extra: one sidecar, one beautiful Citroën, and a Peugeot 504 of all cars, the one that took me around Crete for a month, just that mine was light yellow. The yellow lights went particularly well with it. Those are some memories. Thank you again, sis. ❤

Photo: Klu

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. Thank you, Jean! I haven’t been to those parts at all yet, only to Cote d’Azure, Lyon, Orleans and several castles on the Loire, and Paris a few times. I’m so glad sis took these and let me share them.


  1. Bravo Sis! She found some great specimens and yes getting a message that someone is strolling around looking for doors is music to my ears.
    We used to see a few of those old Citroëns around here when I was much younger. Brings back some fond memories of days gone by.

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    1. Thanks, Norm. 🙂 Don’t they bring back some kind of belle epoque feelings of the time that we can never have back? I’m especially glad that I didn’t tell her to keep an eye on the doors (while thinking it, of course), and yet she still did. 😉

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  2. What a nice treat from your sis! Yes, the difference between the Italian and French doors – the latter are narrower having a straight look, and the decorations more subtle. Had to smile about the Citroen and the Peugeuot -what could be more French:) My/our first car was the Citroen nicknamed ugly duckling:) which stalled at least a few times per month while on an intersection :p

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    1. Hihi, Junieper, indeed, this was the other side of the coin. 😉 I haven’t owned a Citroen, just a couple of old Peugeots. They never let me down, not even on the dirt road of Crete. Most excellent times. Thank you!


  3. You’re right! This definitely has a ‘not Italian’ feel to it 🙂
    I snorted when I got to the gate with the stone wall behind it 😆 That’s one way to make potential visitors feel unwelcome.

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      1. Ah, I meant of course “how YOU inspired your family”, not me :)))
        those mistakes are telling, no? :))
        I got my compliment for it, even though when it comes to doors… I take it as a constructive critics, hehe

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  4. Ooh! How do they do all that metal and it still has warmth? Must be the patina and the greens. Love those gates and fences almost as much as the doors.
    Love yellow helmet too 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Joey. Yes, it’s the hues and time. They are serious, but tender too. And not as loud as Italian doors. Indeed, it’s the whole package that works. For the yellow helmet I had to have another look. 🙂

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      1. Well, firstly I apologise, your sister obviously has her own style! Secondly, thank you for calling me young man, that hasn’t happened in a while! And lastly, not a lot of posting going on here at the moment. i have been a little busy. I will work on a door post though, just for you!

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