Paradise now

It sometimes feels as if Rome is paradise. Fruit dangling, birds of paradise, magic light. Here is the yield of this weekend.

It seems that I’m most current on Mondays. We have returned from Rome where we didn’t play tourists but instead mostly remained at home with amore’s relatives and ate. This is how it goes when you live in paradise. Oh, and I wrote a poem. Okay, I walked the dog too and this is the plant and animal life that we encountered.


    1. Thank you, another paradise dweller and lover. 🙂 Well, this depends on how tolerant you are of many things, mostly trash, parked cars disappearing in sinkholes, rats in the subway, wild hogs in the streets, and my favourite: city busses catching fire continuously and nobody orders their removal. Luckily I’m an hour and a half away in the countryside.

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      1. Sounds even worse there than in South Africa where we used to live. I’m not tolerant of much of anything, especially wild hogs in the streets………oh, and all the other things you mentioned. 😯

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      2. The hogs I haven’t witnessed in person yet, at least not in the city but I’ve seen videos (well, neither the burning bus). I have never been to Africa but in Rome it sometimes feels as if I’m already there.

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