Lens-Artists PC: Architect of your fortune

We are, aren’t we? The lucky ones, including animals, can build their own home but most of the buildings around us are built yet. Here are some from around here. Which happens to be Tuscany. Which architect built my fortune?

In her post to this week’s Amy-hosted Lens-Artists challenge, Zimmerbitch mentions that concrete is “the second most used substance on the planet after water, and probably the most damaging to our increasingly endangered environment” (from the article in Guardian which I have yet to read), and accordingly posts a photo of a wasp nest. Biodegradable architecture for the win.

I almost went that way and searched for only animal structures, but then realised that humans are animals too.

This is the first half of last year in my photos of buildings. Not only Tuscany, there will be a bit of Rome and wider Lazio region and Orvieto in Umbria too. With the rainbow. The gallery ends with some designated buildings for animals, including photographers.

But at the beginning, they say, there were pyramids.

Oh, and if somebody is keeping count, yesterday my blog remained without its daily post. This is Italy. Builders were on strike.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: Architecture


  1. A local arboretum gives lessons on how to make insect habitat. Maybe someone there in your place did the same? I’m writing it down, I’ve been wanting to try it myself and your phot inspired me. Xx

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  2. Besides the golden stairs and walk-over in Tatti, I love the silo. Great composition and I don’t think I’ve seen a silo with such a pretty entrance.
    … and I don’t want to forget the rainbow. Nice!

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. 🙂 I like certain things that stand out but for me, somebody else would choose something different as outstanding around here. Isn’t this what life is all about?


  3. I enjoyed the tour! You always seem to find the most diverse, most interesting examples! As always, I love your captions and your sense of humor. Silo and half silo… funny. And I like the tie-in with Su Leslie’s post about concrete. Enjoyed this a lot!

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