Pic and a Word Challenge #177: Upriver

Today’s post contains a fable I wrote based on an internet gif and a compilation of river photos. The lesson is: Believe what they tell you.


Strange things happen upriver.
A gnu says to his friend.
“Do you see that tree trunk?
It’s not that at all.
It’s a croc.”

“Yeah, yeah, for sure,”
replies his friend.
“It’s a trunk. For us to step on
and cross the river.
It’s what we do.”

“No, no,” says the first.
“What we do is
we get eaten
when we step on a croc.
I’ve seen it done.”

There is a short
staring contest.
The first gnu
sighs a little
and looks at the trunk,

or is it a croc.
It seems peaceful,
the perfect foothold.
He is the leader of the pack,
he has to act.

He steps.
The croc,
for that’s what it is,
makes one swift move,
and the gnu is no more.

His friend blinks and stares.
The river is calm again.
He turns to the next gnu in line,
motions to the trunk and says:
“It’s a croc.”

The next gnu,
not having seen or heard a thing,
stops drinking,
looks at the croc and says:
“It’s a trunk.”

And now I might as well take you to my rivers. No crocs or gnus available. Not all the photos below were shot upriver, sometimes I’m not even sure in which direction the river flows, but here are more or less ten rivers from Italy and Slovenia, as is my habit, with more or less two photos of each.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #177: Upriver


  1. Lovely photos, especially of Slovenia (which is gently making its way up the “togo” list with every post of yours, it seems. 😉 )

    And it’s sad that the new gnu will probably not get through because it won’t listen to the true gnu who, I assume, is meant to be you? =) Sweet fable. <chuckle>

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Patrick! Great, my strategy to open people’ eyes about Slovenia is working then!

      Do you think this is what Madonna meant with #TrueGnuBabyILoveYou? 😀 Meanwhile I changed one word in the last stanza. I think now the last two stanzas work much better and the finale hits harder.

      Thank you for spurring me into action, always.


  2. That is a great fable! Great message and great story-telling! Loved it! And I love water photos. The reflections are amazing – worth the second click. I particularly like the circular reflections of the little arched bridges. Very cool!


    1. Oh, Lindsay, I see now that three of your comments went to spam, and I have a feeling my comment to your latest amazing post about the tree stump ended in your spam too! If you check it, maybe you’ll find it. I’m so glad you’re having a hop around my blog. Feels good to have you on board. Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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