March 2018

As we are slowly nearing the middle of this March, here is a look at last year’s, or better twenty of them, as is my habit.

I like going through all my archives for one month in time in order to carefully select twenty sometimes favourite, sometimes most representative, sometimes “best” (as if) photos for my calendar posts – those that stand out in a certain way, at least in my eyes.

January and February have come and gone, and today we continue the Swiss chard and bestia on sofa themes from February, along with some new beasties, nature and food.

Except twice in Rome I haven’t been anywhere that month. Maybe you can see why: it’s colourful quite enough where I am.

(I’m so good in making my laziness to go out and explore look just how it’s supposed to be, have you noticed? But to visit a new place alone with the dog seems so off the point. There is a limited amount of ways to express your enthusiasm over doors in dog.)

Be as it is, March on!


  1. I laughed about the leading lines and your head. Clever and funny. I also like the cat picture and the cat ‘s coat and the patterns in the stone paving mimic each other. Today I needed this little trip into a light warm world! Thank you!

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    1. Oh, Claudia, and I needed this connection. I saw your comment just before going to bed and it eased me into sleep. Thank you so much! Every time I pass this wooden structure and see the shadows of the poles, I think what awesome photos certain pros would make here. 😀


      1. Yes, it is sometimes the simplest things that turn out to have so much complexity, and you wonder how you never saw it before, or that others walk by and don’t notice. I love the geometry of it, and then the human element you have inserted!

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  2. Any photos with cats will make me smile 🙂

    I don’t consider myself a picky eater. There are few things I won’t eat … but calamari is on that list. Interesting combination though with the potatoes and Swiss chard. Gilles would love it!

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    1. Hihh, really? 😮 But it has other names: blitva, bieda, bietola, Australians call it something else – silver beet, I think – and usually it’s just green and white. I’m sure you must have had it in Dalmatia!

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  3. I’m starting to really love your sense of humor! Lines in my head and horse partly… too funny. And I’m starting to fall in love with your dog! One cool travel companion. I think it’s a great idea to review the month in this way! It’s so cool to re-see the beauty you’ve come across and to see how you choose your favorite moments. I like!!!!


    1. Great to hear, Lindsay. Our bestia is pretty fall-in-loveable. 😀 I’m so glad to have him since I’m alone quite a lot. You’re welcome to borrow the idea of the monthly post. I love going back to review the same month last year and have been doing it the third year already. (I had three blogs before this one. They fill up quickly because I post so many photos.)


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