Thursday Doors, 14/3/19: Massa Marittima

This town was the discovery of last year. Here are some of its doors.

The impression Massa Marittima made was such that I must include it among my favourite middle Italian towns as listed here.

Today’s photos are from my first visit with my parents last May and I just had to return in the autumn to bring here travelling Norm and Honey, indeed the same Norm that has been hosting Thursday Doors for quite a while.

In this way he can compare these doors with the ones he captured. The route that we took was similar but not the same, which means that I have more doors to show from the second visit. Yay!

I have already showed you the first impression of the place with the doors of grand magnificent buildings on my previous blog over here, and today have a look at the doors as you discover them once you take one of the small streets around town.

I think I was most surprised at the lack of tourists. Italy has so much to offer that such a pretty town can fly under the tourist radar. Fine this way. I shall be back.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. Thank you, Romana! Miles and miles of closed doors have passed through my blogs over the years, and some open ones. 🙂 I love them just how they are, even if there is not much life behind them any more. It’s just right that most of them are closed – one can take only that many chances by walking through select open ones.

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  1. What a great idea for a post! Your photos are lovely. And I love the captions you give each one. These doors have so much character! I like how they pay attention to their doors there, turning them into works of art instead of just plain, utilitarian holes in the wall. And I enjoyed seeing how each door reflected the personality of the place within! Very Nice!


    1. Thank you so much, Lindsay, for careful viewing and kind words. I’ve been posting doors on Thursday for a loooong time. Here in Italy it’s so easy to find mesmerising doors, they really pay attention to everything, style-wise. By now I check out doors everywhere I go, it’s a habit. 🙂


  2. Great shots and yes, a few of these do look familiar. Some of the things I remember most about that visit: the long climb up to the top of that street and yes, how few tourists there seemed to be.
    I’d go back again if I were you too 😀

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  3. I like the Farmacia door and the one Bestia is approving. But of course they’re all wonderful. Not sure about the skinny one being very welcoming, though. 🙂 To find such a lovely town without too many tourists is a great find!


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