Kanal jumping

Three minutes in the life of a town by the river on an August day.

The river is Soča, or Isonzo if you ask Italians who are close, but this is the west of Slovenia and the town is called Kanal ob Soči. As we were passing it after a long day that that involved hiking, I called out the pretty-houses-and-doors alarm, so amore stopped, I rushed out and captured all I could in three minutes, and we were off.

I knew that I got some jumpers, in midair it turns out, and I’m happy to share them with you on a day when I thought I got nothing.

I could do with a feelgood injection, it’s true, but there is always something.


  1. So great! I love your spontaneity and how it paid off so well! Those houses on the rocks are so beautiful and I always find it so amazing to see houses balanced on a cliff that way. And how cool that you caught that guy in mid-flip!!! That was pretty awesome! Congrats on seizing the moment!!!!

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    1. Hihi, Lois, thank you. Well, I suppose he was just returning from the bank of the river after having a splash. I saw more people having a swim further up the river. He must live quite close. 😀


    1. Oh yes, it was a hot day but that river is probably always very fresh indeed. I remember swimming in it upriver, close to Bovec, some 25 years ago and how chilly it was. And then I brought home a bottle of it and wrote “Soča” on the bottle and drank it slowly for a week. It was goooood.

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  2. Such a pretty place! And ooh, so steep!
    Reminds of beach on the rocks in Rovinj, where we used to hang out. The guys were jumping all the time, and it was a similar combo of water, rocks and a pretty town in the background. Ahh, Adriatic is love!

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