Friendly Friday mistakes

As soon as I saw the theme of yesterday’s Friendly Friday photo challenge, hosted by Amanda this week, I knew I had an entire folder just right for it.

The folder is called Not really and it is what it promises to be: full of shots that either didn’t really turn out as I envisioned, or shots of things that are weird / strange / random / wrong to begin with.

I know – sounds like my blog on a good day! 😀 And there’s that Barbie again!

While one half of the photos is from the mentioned folder, the rest have been added upon browsing photos to-be-posted. So you can see: as in life, there is not much difference between mistake and success around here.

Each photo is a book on its own. Today you might really want to read the captions, or you’ll never gonna understand why somebody would wish to post these in the first place.

Here’s a sunny thought: all the photos that are going to appear on my blog in the future will only be better.

Thank you, internet, for this photo and to Amanda for another fun prompt.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About

Friendly Friday


  1. Such a fun selection, the joggers stretching made me chuckle out loud 😀 But what I like most here is your philosophical beginning: “as in life, there is not much difference between mistake and success” – that line really has me thinking!!! 😉

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    1. Thank you, Claudia! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear from the first three friends who commented that each points out a different photo as the funniest. That’s the idea! I’ve got many Barbie shots, not quite sure what to do with them…


      1. I am a Barbie fan from approximately 1961, and I had one of those with the black and white striped bathing suit (although with a red bouffant hair do instead of the blonde ponytail). You can’t show enough Barbie photos for me.

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      2. Oh, I see! But my photos are not really fan photos. I never liked them. 🙂 But I feel sorry for this one, naked and abandoned, even though in a very nice garden. Now she is getting a cat, I hear.

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      3. I had a whole array of Barbies and they did many adventurous things such as rafting down the river (creek), surviving many car accidents ( set them sitting up in a flat box and slide slam it into the wall, the dolls go flying and that leads to a lot of hospital scenes) swimming at the pool with me, etc. I think one Halloween our best friends, neighbor children, and my sister and I tossed some into the Halloween bonfire as “sacrifices” (our two families had an annual hot dog roast outside in the yard) and I don’t know what brought up that idea. I think it was a zombie jungle movie where the queen threw her followers into the fire and waited for them to return (we did not think the Barbies would return, let me make that clear, the idea just appealed to us.) I thought our neighbors’ father was going to laugh himself sick (the parents didn’t know we were going to do it). We did only throw in the bald ones, I remember, don’t ask how they got that way to start with, I don’t remember. I do remember one poor doll’s hand was chewed off by our dog so after that she had to play the roles that included supernatural injury (spirits chopped off her hand) or else she’d been in a gruesome accident (we taped the rest of her up in medical tape and gauze.) You can see Barbie and her clones had a dangerous existence in our neighborhood. So your photo fit right in with my old memories! I’m happy the Barbie in the picture is getting a cat to cheer her up.

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  2. LOL. What a good way to come back from a trip and back to my normal life (after I am done with jet lag). Love your captions and those award winning shots in theory 😉
    Have a wonderful day.

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    1. Thank you, Helen. 🙂 I see, you were somewhere for a month! Will you reveal where on your blog or may you tell me here right now? 😉 It’s better that these shots are not winning any awards, who has got shelf space for that! 😀

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  3. It is heart warming that we can all have a chuckle at our own mistakes. These photos exemplify how life is never perfect. It is often imperfect, and doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like, but we can still laugh, cry and enjoy ourselves. I liked the turtle poster – those tracks really do look like they have come from a vehicle and the first photo with the heart crossed out. I swear I can see an eye on the left of the photo!!! Can you?

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  4. What a brilliant idea for a blog series … although I think in my case they would all fall under the category of “I had such high hopes for this shot” 😆

    I must say though, I really liked the red line one. It took me a second to recognize it was actually the leash.

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      1. Awww – thanks 🙂
        I was doing a LOT of cin-cinning last night and I’m moving a lot slower today because of it 😉

        The deemed success or failure of our photos is all relative. I will never aspire to be a technically great photography. I’m happy if my photos are more-or-less in focus 🙂

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