Pushes, ripples, eye-openers

This post is a conglomeration of inspired and inspiring people and how they move me into action. I thank you all for gentle pushes, ripples, eye-openers.

My BBB (Best Blogging Buddy) Snow Melts Somewhere wrote a fascinating post entitled Anything? Anything! yesterday, as she does. It contains all sorts of food for thought but for me the most amazing thing is how when young(er) she wrote a list of things to do and then did the bullet points one by one, right down to the beautiful children. I hope she won’t mind if we have a look at her list:

  • Do a language course abroad: maybe Spanish
  • Do a student exchange program, maybe South of France
  • Do an internship abroad, maybe Paris
  • Work abroad, somewhere Mediterranean
  • Travel a lot, to places like the Maldives
  • Settle down and have beautiful kids.

And now? Now her list needs a brother. 😉

To me this is such a beautiful example of how we work towards our desires and goals, especially if they are clearly expressed.

I have never had a life list like that. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure that if any of my lists had ever said Move to Tuscany, I’d never find myself here of all places. I’d be too eager, too pushy, too hopeful. It would be like fortune-telling.

To me even naming a folder To do NOW doesn’t help. Well, it would if it included things other than a bunch of blogging challenges, because these I in fact do, if it’s the only thing I do. (This is not a complaint. I love these challenges. They are the only things that kick me into action.)

Next to it is the folder To do, obviously with things that I really wish to be doing but somehow know they are not likely to happen any time soon: submitting my writing to various sites, for example. This month I had two firm decisions: to write my piece for Visual Verse which I did and now am waiting if it gets selected to be posted, and submit to Charlotte and write creative non-fiction for Barren Magazine.

I don’t submit easily, but creative non-fiction sounds just the thing for me. Last week, unfortunately, out of all these words I felt only NON. I got stuck considering whether what the dog thinks qualifies as non-fiction, since it’s certainly creative. Sorry, Charlotte, there will be other weeks.

Another thing in my To do folder are your posts that inspired an immediate reaction to write a post on my own but due to various reasons – read: laziness – my post didn’t get written immediately and now it’s a question whether it ever will be.

Still, I wish to acknowledge these posts and list them here. Maybe somebody else gets inspired too. For me this is one of major reasons why to blog: these gentle pushes, ripples, eye-openers. For example, I’ll never forget having learned how to eat a kiwi from a Russian blogger in Finland. (From the top! Like a soft-boiled egg!) And now I see it was actually Becky in the comment who taught me that!

Lacking inspiration? Try these:

  • The I Spy Book Challenge: Have a look around your bookshelves and find twenty books with one of those in the title or on the cover: Food, Transportation, Weapon, Animal, Number, Something you’ve read, Body of water, Product of fire, Royalty, Architecture, An item of clothing, Family member, Time of day, Music, Paranormal being, Occupation, Season, Colour, Celestial body, Something that grows. This appeals to everything that is me. Will do it one day.
  • Bridging the Gap from dVerse ~ Poets Pub: “Select two quotes from two different books. … Then, construct a poem using one quote as the opening line and the other as the closing line. The blood, sweat, and tears will come while filling in the space between.” Doesn’t it make you want to act NOW? The Linky Widget expired 10 months ago but who is counting?
  • This beautiful post Thoughts on a Walk by Sylvia at Spanishwoods. I’m inspired to continue her thoughts because this is just how they happen to me too.
  • “Everyone’s a story, born, unfinished,” Bojana writes at the end of her post with an amazing poem Where I’m From which she wrote almost exactly a year ago, the first since high school, and what a poem it is. Where are you from?
  • I loved these Love Letters to Bad Men that Judy’s friend Gloria wrote. It sounds so liberating. Real names and all. I just might. Be afraid. 😀
  • And the most recent, Maggie’s pantoum poem Sermon and Seeds that actually succeeded in making me write my own. Thank you!

This reminds me that April will again be the poetry writing month with 30 poems to be written in 30 days for NaPoWriMo! I haven’t decided yet to take part again after last year’s relative ease of the first timer. We shall see.

But what I like the most about my To do folder is that the first, oldest and as yet untouched item on it is a Youtube video entitled Gentle Chair Yoga Routine which my sister sent me a looong time ago. 😀

In the photo part of this post, twenty examples of ripples, waves and downright waterfalls from Italy and Slovenia. Beware, some of it is so pretty that it’s kitschy.


  1. It wouldn’t help even if I named a folder in my head. I’m lousy with to-do lists. I love to play it by ear, in writing as well. It takes time, inspiration, and a bit of luck. And yes, perseverance. So, no to-do lists here.

    I just love water in any way, shape and form. Great pics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Bojana. For me, playing by the ear sounds the way to do it too. Not all are patient enough to see what I’m finally going to hear though. 😀 I hope you like this poem of yours that I link to as much as me. It’s got power!

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  2. I have written and tossed so many “to do life lists”. I just call it the Bucket List now and when I cross off one thing it seems I discover 2 or more things I want to do and add those, so the list never gets any shorter.

    I love the ripples, images, and eye-openers of your mind. I think you write beautifully. I wish you luck with your publishing endeavours.

    I’m going to go check out that link to the chair yoga. I have done 10 little yoga poses for decades but these last few months I’ve only done 3 or 4 consistently. I need to get back to my routine now that I am home again for I hope awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Deborah. I’m far away from any publishing for now, but one never knows. I hope the link is of any use to you, I haven’t tried it yet. And it’s true for me too, all my lists – of films to see, books to read, places to visit, links to view – are only getting longer. 😀 I’ll have to live a loooong time.

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  3. So many interesting links I hadto check out, BBB! Thanks dear Manja for your words 😊 I needed the smiles you gave me! 🌷
    As for lists, I’m a list person and I always had clear life goals. Now that they’re done, and I lost my passion for the travel industry, I’ve almost forgotten my drive to get those things going. Make up what it is you want, list what you need to make it happen, then brainstorm of ways to approach it. Maybe study something, maybe apply for work in a certain type of company. Make compromises, choices. Prioritize.
    But the small things, the everyday to-do lists… oh my, I have a zillion of them and never get anything done off them!!!
    As for your writing, I’m glad challenges work for you. I hope you make those twi entries this month!
    But if you don’t, that’s ok too. Life isn’t about performance. Like someone famous said, it’s about the moments in between. And you write all the time on your blog and we readers get to enjoy it 😊🤗❤️

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  4. Thank you, Manja, for the link back. Most of my to-do lists deal with my never ending home “improvement” projects. Yesterday’s project was to clean out the garage so I could build some shelves, but I ended up tearing out a wall instead. I’m not sure how one thing evolved into the other. Maybe I shouldn’t make lists. Love your photos!

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  5. Oh my – the picture of all the people in the waterfall! It’s hilarious! I would have laughed out loud seeing it 😆
    Question is … did you join in too? I can see that on a hot 38C day, it would have been very appealing!

    I know what you mean about being inspired by other people and their posts. I have several unfinished projects of my own. I’m starting to appreciate that sometimes, unfinished is ok 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Joanne. Oh, it’s the water that has 38 degrees. 🙂 It’s thermal, this is volcanic territory. Sure, I tried it out a few times. The smell is not so appealing but the water is nice. This part of the spa is free but there is also the official part which is to pay and I haven’t been yet.


  6. Fantastic photos of the water and goals, Manja. Keep chipping away at those goals. Do very small ones first thing in the day to see some progress. Sometimes that is the start one needs. I like the sound of gentle chair yoga. I could do that for the rest of my life, even in a nursing home. Hopefully that is not for a long time.

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  7. Manja… this is so beautiful! A lovely meditation on goals and thoughts and how they ebb and flow like those beautiful waves you shared with us. I must come back and investigate further those ideas (we have a long hike ahead today!) – they seem very neat from your descriptions! And your kindness comes through as you pay homage to your friends and inspirations! And for the record, I don’t see all of your folders and unwritten posts as laziness, I see you as a wonderfully curious woman with an unstoppable zest for life! You move me and inspire me!! Let those thoughts stew and percolate! They’ll only be better when you do decide to write them all out!!! Thank you so much!

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