Thursday Doors, 21/3/18: Tatti 2

Today we return to the Village of 100 doors – that feel more like 1000 – called Tatti. We shall be back at least one more Thursday.

It was a lovely May day last year, my parents came over for my birthday and I took them door-a-hopping as a daughter does. I love it how they blend in.

The first post from here gave you the initial feel of the place, while today’s doors can be found around this pretty little square with a fountain:

I wish you a happy:

  • spring (or is it autumn?)
  • Equinox
  • World Poetry Day (here is an old Found Poetry Doors mix post that I’m proud of)
  • full moon
  • birth of your child (yayyy, Mihela+Aleš!)
  • or just ordinary Thursday and happy doors.

I need to be more accommodating, it seems. Yesterday’s post with the ass on the cover yielded one sole comment (Snow Melts Somewhere for the win!!!!).

((Nah. It’s quite alright. Norm retwitted it.))

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. Well now you have me wanting to visit Tatti because most of these are incredible and the ones that aren’t are just very pretty.
    I retweeted with the intention of swinging by to have a look and then I got distracted. I`ll be by in a little bit to check it out.

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    1. Thanks, Norm. You know that you two can always return, right? 🙂 But you saw for yourself, once here one can quickly become overdoored.
      And thanks for the retweet, unread even. The cover photo must have worked. 😀


  2. Yay! More doors! These do seem more quaint this time. More utilitarian I guess? Not the ornate majesty of the others, but beautiful in their simple charm. I had to laugh when you ask or is it Autumn? I thought about that when I made my Spring Equinox post. I guess that only appeals to the upper half. lol. Thank you!

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    1. Thanks for precise looking, Lindsay. 🙂 This is a smaller town up in the hills, but not far from Massa Marittima that was featured previous Thursday. I love all kinds of doors and take photos of them all.


  3. I’m considering trying to get Jan to do a door stop challenge. I use books, rocks, a trash can, my sleeping dog, friends who have overstayed their visit, and a pile of leaves from my garden. This final door stop does not work very well, but it is a great conversation piece and causes people to not bother me so much. Great photos on your blog as always. 💘 Duke

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    1. Hey, Duke. Thanks for stopping by my open door.

      Door stop challenge? This could mean different things. A petition to stop all doors. Overstaying your visit, not just welcome. A simple error when you wished to write door step. Anything to prevent people from bothering you. But I think the key part is ‘so much’. Some bother is necessary for survival.

      I’m taking sweet time with your book. At first I thought of memorising pages with quote-worthy passages, such as pages 11 and 40 for starters, but then there were too many and I had to start using torn paper bits.


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