Friendly Friday story

I find it especially fitting that after His story as one challenge, Snow Melts Somewhere said only Story for another, her Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

And so here is their story. Might be done under the influence of the first season of True Detective that I just watched. (I mean… Properrrr! 😮 See it! I never cared much for Mr. Matthew before but here he wins, not hands down but no hands.)

my gifs* matthew mcconaughey true detective rust cohle

I passed by this one-minute scene a few days ago.

Where’s that cat now? Always late.
And then he calls me Jitterbug.
And tells me how bad I want it.
Jittery? Nahh. Needy?? Me??
If he doesn’t come soon, I swear I’ll… pee on him.
Great. That dopehead doesn’t even see me coming.
Hihihi, I’ll jump her.
Back off.
Whaa? What’s up?
We’ve got company.
Do you mind? We’re dealing here!

Yep… Sorry, I’m on my way. I won’t be posting any of that, I swear!

Created with Adobe Spark

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere


  1. That was a great sequence, Manja! Also a lover of Matthew in True Detectives. That scene where he talks about his child dying… wow. Will be checking out the second season soon. Anywho, Thanks for the one minute story! Quite fun!

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    1. Yeahh, great to hear, Lindsay! I’m so surprised by my sudden adoration of this man because I never liked him before much. I suppose he had to grow up some. 😉 And he did it nicely. Reminds me of Brando now. As for Season 2, I saw the first part yesterday and it’s so weird! Also, it takes place in LA. :p (With completely other actors.) And they talk so funny! Thanks, I’m glad you like my story.

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      1. Everywhere? They are not seen as pests? Where I live, people trap the cats and try to get them to be adopted, relocated or at least neutered. These cats have a great life under the Tuscan sun!

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