Pic and a Word Challenge #179: Mind in a haze

First, call me Steve and read this in bestia’s voice:

And now you’re ready for today’s poem.

Mind in a haze

One of these.

asphalt base.
A pheasant

- pleasantly -

(I regret:
an egret.)

And finally, here are four photos from the beautiful end of yesterday by the lagoon. Flamingos are gone, people are gone, only dinosaurs remain. I mean…

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #179: Haze


      1. I haven’t decided yet! It seems like a blast and a bit daunting at the same time. lol. But I am glad you’ve decided to go for it! Maybe I’ll buck up and follow suit! 🙂

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    1. Oh! I copied a cartoon from New Yorker. There is a man, obviously Steve, on a deserted island with a bird tapping his shoulder saying: “Steve, I’m your best friend. If you were losing your mind, I think I’d know.” 😀 Thank you, SMSW. It’s beautiful that you can hear a song. ❤

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      1. Ok so reading it in bestia’s voice… do you relate to Steve, since you said you are isolated but also love it as an introvert? 😊 (btw one of my boys, upon seeing a dog or hearing the word mentioned, says woof woof in a low, raspy voice. So thinking of bestia’s voice led me there!)

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      2. Well, yesterday I thought of calling my blog Losing my mind. 😀 I wrote a comment under Amanda’s post that the Earth is getting rid of humans and that we may have the best years of our lives before us and then the end. I wasn’t drunk, I swear. 😉 Introvert is fine and all, but I still need some human contact.

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