Mother’s day

Sorry, mama. No Jesus, but here’s a dog!

Young Žak with the daily newspaper Večer for which father has written.

Today Slovenia, my country, celebrates its mother’s day. How did that happen? Elsewhere it’s on other days, why today in Slovenia and only there?

I had a look and learned that today is also the Christian holiday Feast of the Annunciation on which Mary was told by archangel Gabriel that she would be the mother of Son of God.

Quite some news, and I’m sure my mother felt a bit like this when TWENTY YEARS AGO (damn!) we found a litter of newborn puppies in the trash bin outside my parents’ house, raised three of them by the bottle, and kept Žak (Slovenian for Jacques) for 13.5 happy years. Here is a more detailed story as posted on my first blog.

And here is a photo look back at Žak, and my family, and Piran where our house has grown in the meantime, almost as surprisingly as that lucky find twenty years ago. Lucky for us as much as for the dogs.

Happy Mother’s Day, mother! I worship you and buy you a drink. In Slovenian we have the same word for both. 😀 (Častiti; only the stress is different.)


  1. I have fallen in love with Zak! Retrievers are such wonderful dogs. Mothers’ Day seems to be a moveable feast while Fathers’ Day seems to be the same date the world over.

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day! This is a lovely tribute! I love the bit of humor with no god, but dog! I also love to see the history of Zak. I think that’s a brilliant connection you make between the date falling on the Annunciation Day and finding those puppies! In the bin?? Poor babies! Your pictures are very nice! It was fun watching the house go up! And I like that there are so many with a view through an opening or an alley – those views are cool to me. Thanks, Manja!

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    1. Thank you, Lindsay, for all your meaningful comments and careful viewing. There were ten of them in the big empty container, in a box. There is a link in this post that leads to an old post with more info. This turned our lives around in the best possible way.

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    1. Thanks, Dragon. Somebody made us happy and fulfilled my childhood wish this way. I’d never expect it, not in that neighbourhood. They were brand new, blind for another week. We fed them every three hours, nights too, as NATO planes were above us, crossing Slovenia to go and bomb Serbia. 1999. Quite a memory.


      1. Correct, Crystal, it’s such a warm memory. The vines are not just any vines but kiwi vines and they bring forth yummm fruit! Paradise! The colour of the house faded to pink from this bright orange but it’s still pretty. Thank you!

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