Lens-Artists PC: Once upon a weather

In Italian, there is the same word for time and weather: tempo. In this town the tempo, the weather and the time come to a standstill.

The town’s name is Saline di Tarquinia and this is where the road ends. There used to be a saltworks but it’s closed now. The town still breathes but only just.

We found it last May with my parents by coincidence (which there are none). In my first post from there I show some of its doors, the silo from 1925 and two of the town’s remaining inhabitants:

Today we peek around the corner to where the disused saltworks building stands. I thought to save these photos for a Thursday Doors post but there are more windows than doors. In fact, when I saw Leya’s “weathered or worn” Lens-Artists challenge this week, I knew immediately what I’d be posting.

The weather played along to create an out-of-time experience. This is Italy too.

I shall not disturb the mood with captions. Mother was cold, so I hurried along. Where was father? I found some convenient pins in midair, as you can see. And that clock made me think of Back to the Future. As for the last photo… All the love.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya of To See A World in a Grain of Sand…: Weathered or Worn


    1. Thank you, Viking daughter! (If you don’t mind me calling you that. I love it that you call this yourself.) If you click on the link above, you’ll see more photos of the green (and other) doors in this town.

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  1. So You, Manja, this lovely post. Love your play with “tempo” and so love the green doors, the cat and dog shots too. That yellow brick building with one window reminds me of my school when I was 10…

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      1. I have been to Tarquinia ages ago and I can remember it very well. I am more a fan of the very south of Italy but I am from Rome. I hope you will enjoy these discovery tours of yours and maybe some day we will meet for real in one of those villages💪😊

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  2. What an intriguing looking place. I love the photo of the line of pegs with the timber randomly scattered below it. Once when I lived in a very windy place I went looking for pegs that would withstand the wind. I found some labelled “hurricane proof” – your photo made me think of how a line of pegs might be the only thing left intact after a hurricane.

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  3. Beautiful, Manja! You are right the weather creates a nice mood. I also love the colors in these. That old, weathers brown of bricks with blue and that dirty, mustard yellow with green. So pretty! And the fountain with grass struck me as equally funny and poignant.

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