Thursday Doors, 28/3/19: Piran

Since my parents have a house in Piran on the Slovenian coast, I spend much of my summertime there. And doors are never far behind.

All of today’s photos were taken on two August days last year. Imagine how many more Piran doors I have, considering that I do this on most of my days there: take about ten door photos.

Let’s round up these two walks while Paolo Nutini, a Scottish man with an Italian name, sings about not these but These Streets from his debut album by the same name. We caught him live in Rome five years ago. It was beautiful.

And after you are done here, go to Norm’s Thursday Doors post because he brings us some great door photos from the gorgeous town of Massa Marittima which we visited together last October. Without our blogs this would never have happened.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


      1. I actually have a lot but I tend to forget dates. Why is it on Thursday? You know what, I am going to schedule a post just for you for next Thursday so I have no more excuses💪

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      2. This is great news, Flavia! 😀 Woman of action!

        Thursday Doors is a traditional challenge of many years, hosted by Norman Frampton. Here is his last post with doors from Massa Marittima which we visited together last October:

        So next Thursday after you post your post, go to Norm’s new post and leave the link to your post in the comments so that other people can visit your doors too. 🙂 Italian doors are in high regard. 😉


      1. No, I haven’t had a single bad experience. The only people who asked me to not take photos of their doors and leave were sellers in a door shop in Ljubljana. 😀 I left most gladly. Their doors were new, modern and ugly.

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  1. Again… such beautiful colors! Wow! All the blues and reds. And your captions… you make me laugh, Manja. The one where you ran and the one that didn’t want to be seen. Too funny. Thank you for the tour!

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