Friendly Friday spring

I was afraid that people were fed up with all things spring by now, but Amanda is asking for more for her Friendly Friday photo challenge.

So without hesitation, here is my last week in twenty-one outdoorsy photos.

The song for today comes from Yugoslavia that doesn’t exist any more. It’s about a girl waking up who doesn’t know how to make lunch, who doesn’t know how to play lastiš, which is an elastic jumping game, who doesn’t have anybody tell her You are mine. People are astonished that she can think at all and people are mean as they check her out.

In this case, the girl’s name is Maremma, Natura di Maremma, and she is awake.

Friendly Friday

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About


  1. Ona se budi…..
    Oh, do you know how much I love this song? And Sarlo, and Milan.
    It’s so sad and yet she’s beginning to wake up and get to know herself.

    Beautiful pics. I’m not fed up btw since the nature is waking up very late here.

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  2. I enjoyed your signs of Spring! My three faves: The opening poppy – the detail of the hairs is so beautiful! The dove on the moon – that’s just a cool, surrealist photo. The tree trunks in the lagoon glowing red – that is a gorgeous photo! I dig your diversity! (Spring is way more than blossoms!) 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lindsay. I appreciate your top three. Spring is all around. For the first time in my life I live in what could be called countryside, as apart from city, and can follow nature and seasons more closely. But I write this from Rome. Best of all worlds…


  3. Too funny, Manja! The tree … ROFL!! Always enjoys your humour and light hearted captions. Poppies are delightful in every stage of flowering, but the bud photo has that air of anticipation about it. Poppies for Australians are particularly meaningful, as they refer to the World War I soldiers who died. In November we have poppies being sold on the streets. I think a field of poppies would be absolutely beautiful. You are not sick of Spring yet, are you?
    (Thanks for the music. It is fun to hear something different.)

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    1. Thank you, Amanda! I’m trying to keep it light-hearted even when I’m not feeling light. It helps me. Today I was a bit down but felt better after posting this. So thank you for making me compile spring. Never fed up with it! It’s the best season over here. I have posted fields of poppies before, for example here:

      I have been asking you things on Facebook and Twitter but I don’t know if you still visit those platforms. Do you have a FB account? And when I wished to retweet your Friendly Friday challenge I was unable. Are you trying to cut down your online presence?


      1. I am sorry to hear you were feeling down, Manja. That sucks. I think it was a good that you tried to change that mindset with fun spring images. I look forward to checking out the poppy fields. Even though they are so beautiful, being Australian and studying history means they still evoke this underlying sadness. That is because they are the only flowers that grew on the battlefields when thousands of men died or drowned in mud and thus are used as the soldier’s emblem. If it wasn’t for that history, I would only see their beauty. I have a favourite poppy photo, from the fjord country in Norway. Makes me think of tall poppies on a previous post too. If you want to take a look you can see it here:
        As for Twitter, I don’t know why the tweet is locked. Although I can rant about the political situation at times, but I don’t think that is the reason.

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      2. It is much better today. I had an early dog walk in the beautiful Roman spring morning. Yes, I know about this symbolism and it’s a fitting remembrance flower. It doesn’t make me sad though. Politicians make me sad. On Twitter it seems that your entire account is blocked. I thought you might have set it to private or something. I don’t spend much time there and don’t know how this happens.

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      3. The politicians make me so angry, which I rant about on Twitter. I think I have fixed the locking issue, Not sure, though. It did seem to be in the privacy settings, which don’t show up on the phone, but when I checked on the desktop, I could alter the setting, so hopefully all good, now. Thanks so much for alerting me.

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  4. The photo of the bicycle is fantastic! I love the shadow of it on the wall. In 1983 we went on vacation to Yugoslavia. The coast there was gorgeous, but the thing I remember most was the unbelievable poverty and unavailability of food and real coffee in both stores and restaurants. After the long, grey winter I’m glad spring has sprung! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sabine, and also for the follow! Interesting! Do you remember the name of the place where you stayed? Did you travel around or stay in one place? I was 13 years old, just finishing primary school in Slovenia, the northernmost republic. My family spent summers in the little village by the sea near Dubrovnik in Croatia. There were no bars or ice-cream shops there, only one basic shop with no fridge, a long beach, a cute little port. Every three days or so we went to get some cakes and yogurt by boat 45 min away, while parents shopped for food. We had the time of our lives there. 🙂 I guess it depends on what you are used to.

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      1. We stayed at a hotel on the coast near Pula. We mostly stayed there, but also took some day-trips to the surrounding areas and also took a ferry to a nearby island. I have some pictures somewhere from the vacation I should look at!

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