Day 30: We did it!

Yeah! My second National Poetry Writing Month is safely under the roof. On the last day they managed to minimise me, I guess.

But first, if I ever have my own reading, this is how it will start:

Challenge 30: “I’d like you to try your hand at a minimalist poem, … a poem that is quite short, and that doesn’t really try to tell a story, but to quickly and simply capture an image or emotion.”

Funny, just yesterday I demonstrated how to turn minimalist photography into maximalist. Which is what I’ll always be.

But today I obey. It’s the last day, after all.

Bath on the path.  
                      Pack on the back.
                                          Bath on the pack.
                                                               Back on the path.
                                                                                     Pat on the back.

We all deserve it. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sighing, cursing and all in between, and especially for all the prompts. You have made the poetry world go around this April. See you next year for sure but also some time during, I hope. Be well!

And for my regular visitors a note that in May I will take it easy. Travel to Slovenia, birthday and just chilling are planned.

Yesterday we returned from Rome and this is what I found in my Tuscan countryside on this beautiful morning: more flowers, shades of green and blues, cats, sunshine. Not a bad way to be.

For Day 30 of NaPoWriMo



    1. Thank you, Maggie. 🙂 Don’t we all! But knowing myself I’ll be kept nicely busy. Just possible with others things. Even though I have a poem to write for a friend… May is my favourite month in which I will be not quite 50 yet. 😀 I hope it’s good for you as well.

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  1. Fun poem. Ahhh.. Done for one more year. How many years have you been doing it? I have to check, but I think 6 years for me. One year I may have quite half way through because so many of the prompts were repeats of earlier years..

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    1. I say in the first sentence – it was my second year. 🙂 You said seven years the last time, I believe. In any case – long! Well done, Judy, and as I said over there, thank you for your support.


      1. Everything goes! Norm is Canadian. 😀 He visited us last autumn with his wife. Properly cool folks.

        Tomorrow you can share only one door, or a few, and save others for other Thursdays (even though I tend to cram my posts with several).

        Yeah! It will be fun to have you join us. It’s nothing pressing – no need to take part every week. Just please go there after his post is live and leave a comment with your link to be sure. Sometimes pingbacks don’t work.

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