Happy birthday, May and uncle Rajko!

On this day, every year, I feel the warmth of May. It’s only the first but it’s here.

The Labour Day, May 1st, holidays used to be a major thing when I was growing up in Yugoslavia. Carnations, a marching band’s wake-up gig as it passed in the street under your window – and they were early! – the bonfire and the big party above the city in the night before the first, the bombing of Serbia (oh, sorry, that came later, NATO did this in 1999).

Just now I saw this image on Facebook. I grew up in the society where you spent eight hours on work, eight hours on rest and eight hours on culture.

In a way May 1st is a real start of the year for me, the month of my birthday, the birth of nature, the start of the good times. And this year I hear that it was too cold for partying, at least for my parents and they had to cancel the bonfire party. A few days ago snow fell in certain places in Slovenia, not as surprisingly any more.

But today is also the birthday of one of my two uncles, my father’s brother. Recently he has lost quite a lot of weight by eating regularly and selectively, which makes him a role-model in our hedonistic family, and has started to smoke cigars.

Bestia will love him no matter what he does. Have a look. This was at the end of last August when he visited us at my parents’, just before I returned to Italy.

Happy birthday, alles Gute and na zdravje, dear Rajko!


  1. I was reading about dog behaviour recently and this posture of Bestia’s shows a feeling of happiness and comfort in the presence of the person nearest to them.
    Happy birthday to your Uncle. Today is my birthday too!! A great month for it, hey Manja😉
    Wonderful to spend 8 hours a day on culture! I am a bit confused now. Was Slovenia part of Serbia in the former Yugoslavia?

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    1. Oooo, most excellent, thank you for telling me, Amanda! 🙂 I hope you had a great birthday and I wish you that the celebration continues because what is life other than one big celebration. I’m not surprised that you are a Taurus too. I get along best with our own kind. 😉 Cin cin!

      Well, those 8 hours included wine culture as well. 😀 I know, I wasn’t clear about it. Slovenia was part of former Yugoslavia along with Serbia and four other republics: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. When NATO attacked Serbia, Slovenia had been independent already for eight years. The planes flew over there across Slovenia. It was an awful feeling.


      1. It sounds like a difficult time in your life, Manja. My son had a friend whose parents were Bosnian refugees and they surely had some horrific stories to tell. Stories we didn’t get to hear in the papers. They were taken to Austealua via Denmark, as refugees/immigrants when Australia had a more altruistic and compassionate immigration policy than it does now. Interestingly, that family is now vehemently opposed to immigration in Australia now, because they are so frightened of seeing their country and home being potentially destroyed again. I had thought wrongly that they would be sympathetic to increasing immigration.

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