Thursday Doors, 2/5/19: Alenka’s door party

Today I will combine one birthday and one anniversary in a door party, hosted by my friend Alenka for her birthday and for the 4th anniversary of my first Thursday Doors post.

Let’s start there. Yes, it was May 1st 2015, I had my first blog for about a year, and I don’t know where I found Norm Frampton and his Thursday Doors but it was this post of his. As I go through comments now, I can see that Cee also took part that week for the first time, but beside the two staples, solid Dan and rosy Joey, there were not many familiar faces taking part. Norm might tell us how many Thursdays prior he started posting his doors.

I still remember the warm feeling I got when I realised that not only door photos are tolerated, they are requested, cherished and shared by so many people. My first Thursday Doors post (on a Friday) was a short stroll from riches to rags and included four doors from Orvieto and the old Capalbio door which Norm would see with his own camera three and a half years later. And I have barely missed a Thursday since.

Today I again show doors from some of the places – Rome, Pitigliano, Sovana, Monte Argentario monastery, Porto Ercole and Capalbio – which Norm visited last autumn when he came over with his Honey. Just that these are from spring so that he can compare.

These photos, taken in the span of three days in late April 2016, when my friend from Slovenia who celebrates today visited us with her Jože for the first time, are here to honour you, Alenka, because without you they wouldn’t exist.

I have already told the internet all about how we met while playing cards online, how you took us to the mountains where you feel most at home and to your Velenje lake and castle, and how we still play cards at our summer garden tournament. You can find the links to the past birthday posts below the gallery.

It’s easy to send good wishes to a fellow Taurus. I wish you all the same as I wish myself: to be happy because you know how to be happy, and healthy – but this you know much better than I do, to listen to your guts as you do, to take no grief from anybody, to rejoice in love, and smoothly sail along in life. Drama is overrated.

Today is the second day of holidays in Slovenia. Who knows from which mountain you are waving as we speak.

Happy birthday, Alenka, and cin cin!

Here are your past birthday posts:

Finally, I wish a happy birthday also to my friend from the other side of the world, Amanda from Something to Ponder About, who celebrated yesterday, like my uncle. From now on I’ll always know. 🙂

And last but not least, I wish to welcome Angela van Son from Unassorted Stories to the Thursday Doors crowd. She’s got poems too.

Please note how swiftly I dealt with AAA today. 😀

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


    1. See, Dan, this is what consistency means: I missed your comment so I went to spam to search for it and indeed, this is where I found it. Happiness engineers were working overtime. 😀

      Thanks, as long as it’s fun and interesting, we shall continue.

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  1. What a wonderful selection of doors. I didn’t realise that the posts had been going for so long! Just shows how many wonderful doors there are in the world.

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    1. Thank you, Sheree. This is true – there are as many wonderful doors as there are people. 🙂 I was surprised at the fact as well – four years is a long time to post doors every Thursday!


  2. Too many favorites to pick one favorite. You have such lovely photos here Manja. What did we do before we had digital photos? It makes me sad to think about all the moments lost due to considering the cost of film, developing, and then storing hard copy photos. Seems like a lifetime ago, right?

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    1. Oooh, Denny, you made me remember how I brought two rolls of film with me for a two-week travel to France. I was sooo careful. In Paris one of the first shots was the Notre Dame door. That was the first time I took a photo of a door on purpose. The year was 1991. I was left with ONE photo for Versailles on the penultimate day and ONE photo for Fontainebleau on the last day. And zero for Strasbourg, we were just passing through. When I had them developed, they were cut wrong. My head was cut off from the Jim Morrison grave shot. I was devastated but then noticed that on the negative it’s all good! Oh, man… some memories. Thanks for that! And for technology!


  3. Great celebratory post, Manja! And am smiling, because this post is like how I remember your blog, the first time I visited you: so many doors!! My favorite is the right one on the second row of the top. It looks like you had a great time!

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    1. Thank you, Junieper. I’m glad that my door-heavy posts make you smile. 🙂 I am a proud follower of the more-is-more-and-then-some art school. 😀 It was three years ago and yes, we had a wonderful time. Your favourite is a beauty.


  4. Another wonderful assortment of Italian beauties. It was fun going back and looking at our old posts from 2015. So many old friends have been doing this for THAT long? Wow, it’s nice to know I’m not the only crazy one around here 😀

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    1. Thank you, Norm. Oh yes, our numbers are strong. 🙂 As I told Dan above, we will keep doing it until it’s fun and interesting. I can’t see why it would stop being that. But without you it wouldn’t be the same. Grateful and bowing!

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  5. Happy anniversary, door-versary, birthday, etc. I don’t know how long I’ve been participating, but I know my Thursday Doors folder has a LOT of doors in it, so it’s been some time. One of the best addictions around, I think.


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  6. Even I remember two of those — still my favorites now, the double doors at the piazza, with the red letter box, and then the last one with a view. Stunning view!
    Rosy Joey

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    1. Thank you, Rosy Joey. 😀 I suppose I should have called you tulipy Joey (or is that two-lippy? Or too-lippy?) hihih). I’m glad that you remember them. It’s more fun to see them after in flesh. 😉

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  7. Yeah – I know I’m late to this party, but I’m glad I didn’t miss it. Some of these doors look familiar – like the ‘lost’ photo and the one above it with the stairs and underpass beside it.
    But as usual, I like them all.

    Congratulation on your longevity with Thursday Doors. Your consistency puts me to shame!

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    1. Thank you so much, Joanne. I’m also glad that you didn’t miss it. True, many of these have been posted yet. You have been around since then too. If you don’t post doors every week, matters not in the least.

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