Friendly Friday posing skills

Today is Friendly Friday, Snow that Melts Somewhere said posing and here are twenty of the 66 photos of poseurs around me that I gathered immediately after hearing about the challenge. Plus, I know that the poetry month is finished but if you think it’s easy to stop with a poem a day habit, you’re wrong.

So first a fun experiment. As Angela van Son says in her post, there exists a poetry form called “N+& form”, where you replace every noun in an existing poem with the next, second next, third… seventh… or 15th word from the dictionary. And there is an online tool to help you. Does it sound as intriguing to you as it sounds to me? Do you want to feed the machine? You can tell that I just had to do it immediately.

This is the result. In my case it was N+2, each noun was replaced with the second next dictionary entry.

On the fender 

This is my usual poseur, 
alias by the fender. 
On the other sidecar are 
daredevils such as 
trash truckle, 
and the worst of all: 
delphinium managements, 
and wombs, 
except that one 
who brings my fool.

It is not about making sense, it’s about fooling around, playing a game, feeding the child in you. If this poem sounds slightly familiar, it is because only the nouns have changed and the rest remains the same. This is the first half of the poem that bestia wrote which I posted here.

He should know about posing… Here he is with friends and various poseurs in the vicinity and some from abroad.

Created with Adobe Spark

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere


      1. Bestia is always the most beautiful creature in the room but it was merely the bunnies novelty that caught my eye. Scratch your good boy under the chin or behind his ears for me in apology.

        Liked by 1 person

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