Thursday Doors, 9/5/19: Štanjel and Padna, Slovenia

Today will be another edition of doors-to-the-rescue: mother and father visited the beautiful Slovenian town Štanjel, I get father’s door photos and so do you. Win win win!

I don’t remember ever strolling around Štanjel, even though I had to pass it numerous times. It is situated in the Karst region in western Slovenia, among prosciutto, teran wine, Bora wind, uneven terrain with caves and other limestone formations, Lipizzaner horses (which originate in the nearby town of Lipica), wild asparagus and welcoming people. The most famous Slovenian restaurant Hiša Franko with chef Ana Roš (I recently saw the episode of Chef’s Table where she is featured but haven’t eaten there yet) is also in this general direction. Truly a myriad reasons to visit.

All the photos in the gallery were taken by my father about three weeks ago and I thank him kindly. The last three are not from Štanjel but from another trip more to the southwest of Slovenia, above the Adriatic sea, taken just one day earlier. My parents certainly go around! Good for them!

Photo: BM

This last photo certainly seemed familiar. And since I never forget a door… (Not true, just a cute thing to say.)

I had a look and found this photo of the same spot that I took in 2014, the only time I was there. The door looks different and it is different, just the place is the same. I’ve checked the brick pattern to make sure. Proper door detective! The door lost its number and I cannot say that an improvement has been made design-wise…

Padna, August 2014. Photo: MM

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. These are all wonderful doors, Mana. I’m a little partial to the ones inside the Church of St Daniel. I do like the door and single shutter at the bottom. That is great detective work. I think Norm needs to give you a Merit Badge.

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  2. Tell your dad thanks for all the great photos. That last door, the rediscovered one, is interesting, but nowhere to go but down if you open it! When I look at it more closely, it appears there are steps on the right side, but still you’d have to be careful.


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    1. Thank you, Janet. I’m sure he will see it, here he is, in the comment just above yours. 😉 Well done for spotting the stairs, I surely hadn’t before you mentioned them. I don’t suppose this door gets opened much. What I find even more scary is how I completely obliterated from memory (and from my 2014 photo) that hole underneath. 😀 I think it was there at the time already, it doesn’t seem recent. And yet I don’t remember it at all.

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  3. Brilliant doors here Manja. You take us to many fascinating places.
    Love the title “Door Detective” . Why was this not suggested to me at school by careers guidance teacher?
    Oh I know why……. in those days there was no such thing as “career guidance” .

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  4. Gee with all of the family members and friends that you’ve enlisted you have more minions out roaming the countryside doing your bidding than anyone I know except me 😀
    Tell Dad he did a great job on these. Who knows…maybe he needs to set up a blog of his own and join in.

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    1. Hehe, thanks, Norm. I must say that it’s purely circumstantial – it rubs off! I might gently imply (to all I know) to keep their eyes on the doors… and then they do! And – he does have a blog already but I think there is only one post there. Who knows, one of these days…

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  5. Gorgeous doors, Manja! I thank your father for taking these and you for sharing…lovely! And what a coincidence with that door that you too had photographed…I loved how you said ‘proper door detective’! I had something to share with you and THANK YOU for. I finally wrote a poem…my first one and was bold enough to post it yesterday! Give a peek when you have some time…I would love for you to read it…you were the guiding force:)Here is the link

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  6. I know one reader who would absolutely enjoy seeing a set of Lipezzaner photos! Just in case it ever became possible 😉 Of course maybe a stable door would help promote it lol

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  7. I see where you get your talent. Your father’s door pictures are magnificent. Lovely to see his great work on display on your blog. You were top of mind for me this week when we were visiting Olinda (again!!!). So many gorgeous doors – you would love the place. I photographed a few of them and they should make an appearance in a future blog post (after I write about Botswana/Zambia and St Helena

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    1. Ooo!! Olinda linda and its doors! I don’t remember seeing any Brazilian doors yet. Can’t wait! I told about it to amore, about how we have to go there. You know how it is, one never knows. 😉 Greetings from Slovenia. We have the sea too. And thank you for your kind words, Lisa! Father is mighty pleased.

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  8. Wow, and impressive you found your door photo from several years before in the same spot!!! You win, I don’t know what, but you should win something for such a good memory.

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  9. I have to agree with you that the design of the final door has not improved. I also had to search for stairs before I could let the photo go. Sadly, I found them. To me, no stairs adds to the magic of the door! That would be a perfect door for a faery tale.

    I love the wooden door with ivy best, but also the bust of the poet, and the little metal doors (are they doors?) inside the church of St. Daniel.

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