Friendly Friday alleys

True, I’m in my country of origin but I still found some time to put together this post. I’ve got too many alleys not to share.

Friendly Friday photo challenge is run by Amanda and Snow Melts Somewhere who takes over next week. Just for her, a little something that made me think of her recent banana chaos. 😀

I’m grateful to Amanda for thinking of me when she put up her challenge on Friday. Such alley views are among my favourite photography subjects. No wonder I’ve got so many. I couldn’t let this Friendly Friday pass without my taking part, no matter how I see only now how much time blogging actually requires. Kudos to all who do it beside your regular jobs.

As it is, the weather in Slovenia is less than inspiring so I took some time off to select my alleys while watching Giro d’Italia on TV. After two days there is the Slovenian Primož Roglič in the lead. Today’s stage of this famous cyclists’ race, as chance would have it, ends in Orbetello on the lagoon, 15 minutes from my Tuscany home. Flamingos have left by now though. And tomorrow the cyclists will pass Pitigliano on the way to Tuscania and Tivoli, all familiar places.

So if you watch it too, imagine the alleys in these towns as they whiz by. Not all are from Italy though: Slovenia, especially Piran, give great alleys as well. As for the witty captions – it seems they can only grow under the Tuscan sun.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About

Friendly Friday


    1. Hehe, great to hear, Sabine. I was 13 at the time. Is there a number 1 on it? Then it must be 1 Dinar, the currency of Yugoslavia. Unless it’s a copper one, then it’s Para. 100 Para made one Dinar. Is it 5, 10, 20 or 50? And thank you!

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      1. It’s a Dinar, Manja! I had forgotten the name of the currency as it’s been so long since we visited there. Many years later, after we moved to Portland, we discovered that a neighbor, who would sit outside his garage everyday and watch the world go by, was originally from Yugoslavia. He loved to chat and tell me stories about his life there. He no longer lives there, but I think of him sometimes when I walk past his old house.

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    1. Haha, Norm, yes you can. Giro d’Italia producers failed to show its best side on the camera a few days ago. The live broadcast of that day started just after they passed it. Less tourists – better for us. 😉


  1. The one in Pitigliano made me gasp. Yes, the scenery behind makes the already delicious alley ever so much more enticing. I love these alleys. I have now decided that Slovenia’s alleyways are as irresistible as Italy’s and I must visit both of them eventually.

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