Friendly Friday chairs

My first thought was: But I have no chairs! And in the next minute I had 60 photos gathered from my archives for Snow Melts Somewhere and her and Amanda’s Friendly Friday photo challenge.

If you were early to view my yesterday’s Seeing red post, you might wish to have another look to see how somebody else edited my photos. The post also includes some enlightening comments. Thank you, Sherry, Patrick and everybody who took part.

I had a bit of thinking and realised that I actually don’t want my photos to be too good. As in everything, perfection is boring, uniform and non-existent. One can always strive to do it even more perfectly right into the perfect early grave.

When I post my twenty proverbial photos, I know pretty well which ones are not good as such but I don’t care, I still want you to see them just then because it feels right. Because this is where I’m at and this is the kind of photos I take. Because it’s right for the kind of people that I want to address.

And now we shall hop between Italy and Slovenia, collecting chairs. Make yourselves comfortable and sit down. You may have to remove the snow first.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere

Created with Adobe Spark


  1. You didn’t have a problem finding chairs at all. It is a great prompt of Snow’s, isn’t it? Fantastic use of snowboards! Very creative.
    But now you have me wishing I could go to that ginger room in Trieste, and on that river boat. Ah….dreaming of travel again.

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    1. Thank you, Amanda. Oh yes, you both always give great prompts. I couldn’t think of a single chair photo that I have ever taken before having a look. 😀 I’m so glad my photos spur you to travel. The Trieste tea room is really called “Ginger” and my father is giving the address in his comment below… 😉 Tease!


  2. Ah that dog in the playground… chatting with his friend opposite him (not pictured here)! Mr Seesaw Pup.
    As for perfection, your photo post style is perfect and also perfectly you. I have so much to say about yesterday’s post that I think I might write my own post on it. Do you mind if I link it to you or would you prefer not to be reminded? (In which case I’ll still write the post but not mentionyou specifically! Anyway, the post will spiral off to different directions, it created a snowball in my mind)

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  3. Amazing that you thought ‘I’ve got nothing for this challenge’ and then you come up with this diverse collection. My favorites are the Ginger Tea-House, X-Marks The Spot and that nice ride at the end of the post. I can’t imagine myself helming that bike, but I’d love to ride as a passenger.

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  4. I appreciated your commentary at the beginning. To me it says that the photos we take are a reflection of how we see the world, including its imperfect bits.
    … and that’s how I view your photos – as if I’m getting to see your world through your eyes.

    I know I’ve said it before but I like the captions you put on the photos. They provide a glimpse into how you saw that scene – like the touching chairs. It was the first thing I noticed too even before I read your caption, although I hadn’t noticed the school benches were made from skateboards.

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    1. Thank you so much, Joanne. ❤ This is exactly how it is. I like to show you stuff how I saw it originally, for the first time, not after I work on the images for hours changing them into something that was not there. The captions say things as if I'd say them to you if you were here. 🙂 It's a start… until you get here.

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