Lens-Artists PC: Delicatessen

Nothing much about me is delicate. My grandma used to call me harambaša, the word used for hajduk senior commanders, derived from Turkish word for bandit leader. I rest my case.

But if you drop me into the nature of Slovenian countryside with my first pro camera (NIKON D700) to test, results could border on delicate, the prompt chosen by Leya for this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge.

But I have more trust in delicatessen.

These photos are from the only trip taken during the week-long but soggy visit to my country of origin from which I have just returned. First we visited Rakov Škocjan, the oldest landscape park in Slovenia, protected since 1949, and from there we went to Lake Cerknica which is intermittent, meaning that it comes and goes and you never know what you are going to get.

These images are as delicate as it’s possible to be delicate with something that feels heavy as a machine gun (as if I’d know) and has a neat little target smack dab in the middle. Come out, come out, wherever you are…

I let amore shoot me for practice. Photo: MC

Without much more fanfare, here we go. More from the lake will come at another time, today nature surrounding the stream.

If you feel that it could be done better, you’re right. If you feel it’s on the blurry side – bingo, you’re right again. But I’ll never get the second chance do to it for the first time.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya of To See A World in a Grain of Sand…: Delicate


  1. Did you like the D700? It looks like it likes being your hands. It was my first Digital Full Frame Camera since moving to Digital from film. I loved it!

    The images are lovely and so green! I love that you found a Lily of the Valley in your birthday month!

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    1. Thank you, Deborah! Well, I don’t have anything to compare it to, except my point-and-shoot. It was my first and I was without my glasses for near so I couldn’t focus properly. Also, I am unable to set aperture (the pro photographer who lent it to me said 11 for the sun, and I couldn’t even find where it is set, hihih. And he was not with us to show me). Anyway, the same photos with my regular camera wouldn’t be half as exciting, that’s for sure, so yes, I’m happy!

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      1. Huh, f/11. That’s different. The rule I know is Sunny 16! Do you still have the camera? He must have an a legacy manual focus lens on the camera?

        I’m glad you had a fun time with the camera and lens. You did really well not being able to see without your glasses the near stuff.

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      2. No, I don’t any more. He said so much in such a short time that I couldn’t grasp a thing. 😀 That 11 stuck with me though. Anyway, it was a good practice. I found it funny that he gave me another, small camera, because the resolution was better on that one, he said. And it was wide angle. (I didn’t even try it. Amore did. Not impressed.)

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  2. Manja, I really enjoy your camera walks! And without much ado, it worked out just fine. I love the greens – and your funny comments… Always a treat. Lily of the valley is VERY much here this year, it fills the whole forest! And about photography – the thing is to have fun with it – I think you two had!

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    1. Thank you, Leya. It was a bit overwhelming but I’m quite pleased with the results. It would help if the owner of this camera was with me so that I could ask him in situ. But yes, fun is never far from me. 😀

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      1. Hehe, the camera man did so much already, I couldn’t force him to accompany us on our trip, especially since he was cooking for us during this time. I had his camera only for a few hours. It is far now, I’m back home with my old one. 🙂


  3. The green colors are gorgeous! I’ve never used a Nikon, only Canon. When I got a new camera body last year I deliberated about a more “professional” model. I actually went to a store and compared. I went with less fancy and lighter weight, plus I wanted to be able to use the lenses I already have. I’m all for great photos, but when you have to lug around heavy equipment it can be cumbersome and turning fun into a chore. Plus I have to admit that some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken were taken with my iPhone. Go figure! 😊

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    1. Thanks, Sabine. True, the weight of it was incredible. I can see it turning into a chore if it was mine. I don’t like taking photos with my phone at all, the quality is terrible, but I agree that for favourite photos other things are decisive. I like to post my favourites here, regardless of quality. My first digital camera (and I’m only on my second now) was a Canon, one of those bulky but quite good PowerShots. It had more manual control than my present Nikon. 😀

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    1. Hahhah! Thanks, Markus. It’s actually a long coat. 😀 You see how I attempt to blend in… This was one heavy camera to handle. But I can see the difference… I’m trying to figure out which one to get next for myself. Next year is my 50 and I think my parents are giving me a new camera.


      1. ..aahh, come on, Manja,… ….you made up this whole story just about this coat. 😀 😀 😉
        …oh, that sounds brilliant… …I will become 50 next year as well… …maybe your parents will think about me too 😀 🙂

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  4. What a beautiful walk by the stream, Mexi, and you’ve captured nature’s details so well, along with your great shots of family. I really like your “cinematic” portrait of your parents. 🙂

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  5. You are very hard on yourself MM – the eyes and heart make a great image, not the camera!! That said, first you should find the very small dial that adjusts the view to your eye. (The diopter) Then you don’t need your glasses! Second, go to Nikon’s site, I’m sure you can download a copy of the correct manual. You DEFINITELY need to know how to adjust the aperture!!! Enjoy your new toy!

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    1. Oh, Tina, it is not mine! I was only able to use it for a few hours. I’m back home now with my old point-and-shoot. Next year I’ll be 50 and my parents will get me a new one, I believe. I will have to decide what to go for and have so little experience! This was a nice experience. And even though the eyes are going, I’ll always have the heart. 🙂 Thank you!


      1. Atta girl! If you’ve not used a DSLR like the Nikon, I’d highly recommend you consider a mirrorless camera. Power like a DSLR but as light as a point-and-shoot. Have fun thinking about it!!

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  6. Really lovely, Harambasa! Haha! You just had so much life force, it was hard to contain in your wee form!
    The first 5-6 captions read like a poem, and I liked that, intentional or not.
    Love the blurry happiness of your parents 🙂

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    1. Hihi, thanks, Joey. Hard to contain is right! I was so fast that almost nobody could catch me. 😀 I’m glad you found a poem. I live in the crack between poetry and prose, left and right brain, reality and fiction. 🙂


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