Thursday Doors, 23/5/19: Pitigliano and Terme di Saturnia

This post is to remind Norm where he’s been and to show that there is more about Tuscany than doors, that there are places that make you forget about doors, and yet they are there too.

Just before I left for Slovenia ten days ago, I had a two-day visitor. Let’s call him Man in black. He is a musician (sorry, rock star 😉 ) from the American desert, he had a concert in Rome, and he said that he would come over if I take him to the spa I had showed him on photos. But of course, Terme di Saturnia is less than an hour from me.

Pitigliano is on the way there and its wow effect travels far and wide. Giro d’Italia passed it too while I was in Slovenia, and today the second Slovenian, Jan Polanc, grabbed the maglia rosa of the overall interim leader, after Primož Roglič had held it for a few stages. And I’ve just seen that now Primož holds the #2 spot. I don’t know how Italians feel about this Slovenian invasion.

Today some of Pitigliano doors and a terme teaser so that you all will wish to come over. Welcome.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. At the end I finally realized this is an outdoor spa! An outdoorsy one I might consider:) Lovely sights in the neighborhood! Looks like the man in black liked his stay! (And what is there not to like about Tuscany!)

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    1. Thank you, Junieper. Oh yes, it’s outdoors, it’s free and wild. The water is almost 40 degrees C. Higher up it’s warmer. What’s not to like for real! 😉 And there is still sooo much that I haven’t seen.

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  2. Ahh this brings back great memories. You know, I have barely dipped into my reserves of Pitigliano doors yet. I guess I’m saving the best for last 😀
    I don’t remember going into that wine shop. I seem to remember there was a wooden “enoteca” sign, but my memory is not what is used to be….

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    1. I have just compared photo evidence from then and now. You know that I’m a photo detective. 😀 I found some same signs on and by the door so I’m pretty sure it was this one where you two bought the wine. Also, I know that I still have to send you photos from one day. I have to check whether it’s this one or the next. Thanks, Norm, I’m glad you still have lots of doors from here and great memories.

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      1. I was probably thinking of a different shop we must have visited in another ancient Italian hilltop town…after a while they all start to look the same….
        My gawd that sounds so pretentious 😀
        But it’s true.

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      2. Hehe, amore says the same thing, that’s why he is not so eager to explore. I look at it like a challenge: to mind little differences, to remember all the names and link them to feelings the towns give me. They are always different.

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  3. I was reading the discussion between you and Norm about the tendency to become blasé after a while when the towns start to blend into each other. Like you Manja, I’m always looking for the small differences that make each one memorable. It’s a reminder of how wonderful this world is.

    I don’t know what you meant when you said Pitigliano was carved out of tufa. I’m assuming you meant the rock, like in the 2nd photo. That’s one of the things I find most striking about Italy and their tendency to built into the rock.

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    1. Yes, Joanne, that’s it. Tufa (tuff?) is the material made from volcanic ash that the entire town is built of, it seems. This is volcanic territory. I’m glad that you’re searching for little differences as well. We will never get bored. 🙂


      1. Volcanic material makes this even more interesting … and a little scary at the same time 😏

        Yes, a well-cultivated sense of curiosity helps ensure we will never be bored!

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    1. Thank you, Dale, I’m glad you say so. No, I’m not. 🙂 I’m here, posting twenty photos in almost every post, more or less every day, isn’t this enough? 😉 If you follow me here, you won’t miss anything elsewhere, promise.

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