Pic and a Word Challenge #188: Neutral Mask

Today celebrates my friend Miralem. You recently gave me a task: to translate an article about the neutral mask.

This is what I think about it.

Neutral mask

I understand
how it can be useful
to remove yourself
and wear the neutral mask
as a pedagogical tool
but please never wear it as a friend
no matter how sis and I used to joke
that we were in your group
as if you were our therapist.
I like your reactions,
natural, spontaneous,
I like your enthusiasm,
joy, humour, you-ness.
Remove this
and only the mask remains.
Never let this happen.
The world needs more you,
not more neutrality.

You also sent me this poem and it wasn’t even my birthday.

This happened just after Joey commented under this post that “the first 5-6 captions read like a poem” and I replied that I “live in the crack between poetry and prose, left and right brain, reality and fiction”. You hadn’t seen this before sending me the poem. I told you that you were worse than Google.

It feels so good to be known well. Poetry and prose are the only two lovers that I’m happy to have fight over me.

We live far now but we still get together when possible. For my recent birthday you came over with the best possible chocolate (dark with cherries) and the most beautiful greeting card, among others. I’ll take photos of it sooner or later. I’ll put it in the tree.

Here are some together moments since your previous birthday. And that pizza will be repeated sooner or later because it’s yum!

Your name means Master of the World and once you gave it to me to play with. Remain happy you and thank you for the world. Cin cin!

Oh! We are not together on any of the photos! Let’s fix that:

So long, it was so long ago. (Your diploma, not mine.)

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #188: Mask


    1. Oh, thank you for saying this, Lois! 🙂 That pizza will be had again! It’s amazing: all the ingredients come with the origin, the dough is easy to digest and the pizza is ready in a minute and a half, I believe. Really.

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  1. The world does need more of what is true about each of us, and your enthusiasm which is so contagious. What a great friendship! And thanks for sharing the puppet masks. (K)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do love how often that works… the ‘universe’ offering up just what we need in the moment. This is, it seems to me, most true when we are in the midst of creating, and we’ve opened ourselves to the possibilities which come our way.

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