May 2018

I’ve almost run out of May to post twenty images from last year’s for my Calendar 2018. Probably because it feels like November. Okay, really cold March.

Let’s look at some weird facts:

I have yet to go sockless and in sandals this year.

I have yet to wear short sleeves, it’s more like double long ones.

It rained for two days straight in Rome this weekend, while previously I made fun of amore who keeps expecting that every rain in Slovenia is short-lived as he was used to think in Italy.

When I look out the window, I forget which season it is. It’s lovely and green and full of flowers, but I don’t need to climb to 1800 metres on my bike in almost freezing rain like the cyclists at the Giro d’Italia – where Slovenian Primož Roglič now holds #3 spot in total with several more days till the end of the tour – so I’m not complaining. But one day it will be yellow and dry when it’s not time for it.

Be as it may, I’ve had a look through all my May 2018 photos – there are always more than usually when I have visitors – and chosen twenty that speak to me the most for various reasons.

I like my reasons. They don’t depend on boring quality standards.

The first two photos are from Rome and all the next from around my home in Tuscany where I live. My parents came on a visit for my birthday and we had a great time.

But this was last year. This May has only three more day to make me lose my socks.

The previous months for Calendar 2018 are here.


    1. Hehe, you mean held in this police station? I can just picture you how you get arrested and then start smoothtalking and saying nice things about their building so that they set you free. Or is that me? 😉 Thank you! It shall get hot sooner or later…

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      1. Darn, I was sure that they would have put the flag out for their national day – the 17th May. Perhaps it was close enough for them? Didn’t you mentioned a concert for your birthday present. I hope you had the best time celebrating with friends and family?

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    1. Quite, Joanne. I woke up today full of hope because I saw the sun. Before I was off with the dog it covered up full and now I’m waiting for the storm. I just saw a hilarious thing on FB: “I’m looking forward to the summer. Raindrops will be warmer.”


  1. Lovely gallery, Manja – and I too love the goats and poppies! And your parents and the old houses and the open landscape…and…everything. Freezing cold here as well – had the winter jacket on today. Soon midsummer!

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    1. Thank you so much, Leya. 🙂 Today I woke up with the sun and thought yeah! I washed a load and just after I hang it outside to dry, it started to rain again. 😀 Back to double long sleeves…


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