Lens-Artists PC: Four or five elements?

Amy sets this week’s Lens-Artists theme as the five elements “based on the Chinese theory of the composition of the world”. The four elements that I have known all my life need to step back and be reconsidered. Blogging is eye-opening.

Sun, water, air, earth – that’s how I’d define the elements. Or is it fire instead of sun? No, this is how the zodiac signs are divided. Hmm…

Anyway, according to the Chinese, today we take fire, earth and water, eliminate air, and add wood and metal.

If you ask the first Slovenian rapper Ali En, the elements are sun, water, air, freedom, or as it nicely rhymes in my language: “sonce, voda, zrak, svoboda“. Here are two stanzas (in free speedy translation by me) from his cover of Night Fever from 1999:

We are all such garbage, 
what's up with all the drugs?
We can consider ourselves lucky
that we haven't caught anything yet.
I'm a swine and so are you
and the planet is mad at us more and more.
the old gentleman is expected to die.
The baby is suffocating
the nature is suffocating
mom has got cancer
and the water is no good.
And if we ask the big boss in his easy chair
what will happen
he doesn't give a fuck
as long as his firm is working.

Let the firm work
Let the firm make good business.
Let the firm never get into a crisis.
Don't bullshit me.
I'm not from here.

Be patient, it really is a cover of Night Fever. Let it develop.

In the meantime, ten photos with various combinations of the elements from here and there, Tuscany and Slovenia.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: Five Elements


  1. Beautiful set of photos for this theme. Your Nikon D700 did a great job. Love two especially. Oh, the sunset is so beautifully captured.
    Thank you for joining in! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A wonderful set, Manja! Love all your shots and the rapper Ali En’s text is really good. Well translated, I am sure! Being a Nikon girl, I loved you borrowing one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, thank you, Leya. 🙂 I’m so glad you feel this about him. He has good hunches about what is coming. Well, my regular and only camera, point-and-shoot, is Nikon too, but I don’t suppose it counts. 😀


  3. Thanks for the song. I like the words and also am enjoying this soundtrack while I continue to read blogs. My two fave photos are the last one with oranges, and the one where water and earth are battling. Only… I think the sky is battling too, and winning. Note how the sky has taken over a portion of the water and the earth!

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